How to be a lady’s man

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We get it. You are the alpha male. The Dominar. The tough guy. However , how about being the considerate one for a change? Sometimes all a lady wants is someone who is sensitive to her needs and wants. Enter the Lady’s Man.

We can all agree on these two schools of thought when it comes to the leading men and the women they date.  The first is an obvious bull’s-eye when I state very simply, ‘A Man’s Man’. The second however might hit you like a gust of wind hit dried up leaves that lay still on an empty park bench; he’s a ‘Lady’s Man’. Be warned! A Lady’s Man is not an overly sensitive, supremely emo, skinny fit jean wearing guy from next door…He is a man that women want to be with and men hate but definitely want to be like. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s find out how ‘You’ too can be the lady’s choice with these 5 elementary tips my dear Watson.

1. Listen up


Women want a man to listen! That’s correct, you can read it twice. It may not be obvious but how many of you A-Class men actually listen. We’re not suggesting you grab a box of tissues and some pop corn and sit down in front of your woman and pretend you’re at the cinema. NO! We are simply suggesting, you give your woman a full 15 to 20 minutes of your undivided attention the moment you find the time in the day to be together. That’s the first step towards being a Lady’s Man.

2.Don’t squirm


Back in college, a lecturer asked all the male students in the class to stand up and asked each of them if they knew about a woman’s menstrual cycle and what a woman goes through that time. Most squirmed. A few laughed. One even exited the scene altogether. Yes , he really did run out of class.

Take some time to understand the machinations of the female body and form. Her mood and disposition can drastically change and men sometimes are baffled as to how to cope. Be sensitive and considerate. Quick hint: this is the part where you stand in one corner and throw (Or pass) chocolates at her to appease her spirit!


3.Under Covers
Mighty Oak sleeping bedroom zzz #animation GIF

Now let’s have a peep at the workings of a holistic bedroom experience.  The Big ‘O’. Yea, blunt as I am, this is where it’s at. You my friend, have to make sure your lady reaches her full potential sexually, every time! Because you put your lady first, she will go out of her way to please you. This is true, both in the bed and in the kitchen.

Men whose sole focus is their own satisfaction are going to be finding themselves in bed a lot more often unless they change their ways.

4.Change the Scenery
 scenery GIF
Take her out to a surprise dinner. Head out to the countryside on your motorcycle. Out of the Blue spa treatment! Breakfast in bed! Remove the routine that looms over you both. This leads to familiarity and discontent.

It pays to be a Lady’s man who can toss up the routine.  Like that song that goes “ Stir it up, little darling ! Stir it up!”

5. Be a Support system
Leroy Patterson love hug support graham beckett GIF

A lady needs a shoulder to lean on in trying times. Show your sensitive side and show that you care and that you have supreme gentlemanly qualities to boast of. Channel your inner Knight in Shining Armor to rescue your Damsel in Distress.

Do not vanish in a puff of smoke . Your lady feels vulnerable and alone at times therefore you must shoulder and comfort her those times.






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