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The month of love, reminiscent of beautiful days of nurturing each other, beautiful nights spent together. Come February and the world begins overwhelming with this love, the bright happy colours of it. The red and golden, the bright colours of stardust that maketh you and your partner! 

Every year, the mo1nth of February is filled with love. But also with a lot of wondering. Wonderings of what to do on the special day, how to plan the perfect evening with your lover, what to gift, where to go. And this year, to our utter overwhelm, the chances of a romantic evening seem to have thinned further.

Don’t let the pandemic draw the reigns of your love life. And take ideas for a romantic evening from our little red handbook here:

Leave them notes

Or better send them letters. Let’s do it the old way. Let your partner be surprised by the depth of your love expressed in the form of a tradition long forgotten. Trust me, what they expect the least is going to bring the most joy. 

Don’t know what to write? Well, find the poems that best define your partner. There’s a vast legacy of romantic writings from Rilke, Pablo Neruda, and Emily Dickinson. Or dialogues from your favourite movie. There’s love in literature

Plan a romantic night on the terrace or balcony

A mattress. A takeaway. Light and candles. Good music. Some wine. And maybe coffee to help you stay up all night that you spend in the company of your better half. The night might rain shooting stars or fireflies if you’re lucky, who knows.

Share the groom

A couple that grooms together stay together. The lockdown taught us that for sure. And what can be better than to spend a few hours grooming oneself in the company of the one you love. 

Psst.. Also massaging is an aphrodisiac. Just saying.

Abandon work. And just love

Relive the good ol’ lockdown days staying in complete romantic oblivion and abandon. Abandon work, if you may. Order in, if you may. But if all you want to do is lay in the bed with your loved one doing nothing, do that!

Set up a treasure hunt

Borrowing from my first idea, leave clues for you partner to find. Make this interesting. The clues can be something as simple as ‘ the first step lays in the shoes you gifted me last Valentine’. These clues could either lead them to you in a romantic space meant for you two or it could lead them to an assorted gift box curated by you, for your loved one.

Curate Your Own Box

Let’s make CYOB a thing and gift your loved ones a pleasant assortment of grooming products from The Man Company. Hit your partner where it loves the best with this box of deep care with a packing and greeting option.

The world might seem out of options for a romantic evening well spent, but we’ve got your sorted.

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