Make your privates clean and comfortable.

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No, not with soap and water.

A gentleman leaves no stone unturned to find the right fitness routine, grooming regime, and styles to celebrate his body. He is gentle to every bit of his body, mind and spirit. In fact one could say that he almost worships it. And thus, he devotes the time necessary to provide deep care from his mane to toe. And yet, what often remains neglected with this necessary care and attention is his privates.

Behind all the acrobatics that the life has us play the most sensitive area of our bodies bears the worst brunt of the environment, lifestyle, and sweat. Maintaining a good hood and a safe space down there therefore becomes important to serve you with optimum health and sexual confidence. Not just that, a thorough cleanse keeps all the infections and itchiness at bay, keeping the gentleman function their best and the strongest.

Are your intimates clean and comfortable?

A thorough and complete care of the intimate areas couldn’t be complete just with plain soap and water. Part of the reason being that the natural pH down there is slightly acidic than the rest of our body, requiring more attention and care in terms of what we use to maintain the pH. Soaps are alkaline in nature. Against the pH that our space down there would prefer, they can be drying.

The gentlemen’s best friends, thus require more than plain soap and water. In fact, many men cause themselves much more harm by using soaps with their extreme alkaline nature, unsuitable for the privates. Consistent soap use can also end up making your space down their hostile to the healthy bacteria your body maintains for optimum functioning. This can cause itching, frequent discharge and an unpleasant smell that can be as uncomfortable as embarrassing.

A solution to intimate cleansing

You might want to switch to something balancing and holistic for your space down there. And introduce your closest friends with the balancing treatment of our Intimate Foaming Wash. Holy grail of intimate cleansing this intimate wash is enriched with Sea Buckthorn, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Neem. It is an ideal cleanse for your privates as it goes on preventing unpleasant odour, irritation, and dryness that can easily have you looking for a corner to scratch.

With frequent use you will begin feeling more comfortable, irritation-free and supple down there. It goes on maintaining the natural pH and soothing any rashes and itch that already exists. It does all that while leaving you with a mild scent and preventing infections that can create a huge havoc to your sexual and personal experiences.

Ready to make the switch? Try our Intimo Intimate Foaming Wash now.

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