Wild stories and myths fly about men’s hair loss, fueling more alarm than providing respite. We demystify ‘male pattern baldness’ (MPB) or hair loss, and give you tips to slow down, if not reverse, the process.

Myth 1 – Wearing tight headgear

A tight cap, hat or headgear has no correlation with thinning hair, unless you are literally pulling out clumps of hair each time you take off your cap.

Fix 1 – Handle with care

If you have already started losing hair, you should switch to combing your hair with a wide-toothed comb instead of a fine comb or brush that pull harshly at sensitive hair follicles.


Source: hairsite.com

Myth 2 – Washing too often

Washing your hair regularly is responsible for keeping your hair clean and not thinning your crown. Shampooing only removes hair that has already fallen.

Fix 2 – Use natural products

When hair thinning has begun, it is advisable to avoid chemical or alcohol-based products that can damage existing hair or speed up hair loss. Try products with natural ingredients like Argan or Patchouli oil that will slow down loss and promote hair growth.


Source: The Man Company

Myth 3 – Too much libido

Those who tell you too much sex is turning you bald, they are just plain jealous. There’s no documented proof of this.

Fix 3 – Stress and Diet

Instead of cutting down on your sex life, you need to lower your stress levels that often aggravate hair fall and eat a more protein rich diet that helps in re-growth.


Source: powerhealth.gr

Myth 4 – The male hormone

Excessively high level of the male hormone, testosterone is typically blamed for hair thinning. While hair loss has links with testosterone, there is no conclusive proof that high level of the hormone causes baldness.

Fix 4 – Get diagnosed

A proper diagnosis by a physician based website on your medical history, lifestyle and prevalence of baldness in your family will determine reasons for hair thinning.


Source: sanders.it

Myth 5 – Cut and grow

Your hair is not a tree and trimming falling hair regularly will not get you back a head full of hair.

Fix 5 – Get cured

Hair loss can be arrested with prescription medicines by a proper physician on a case-to-case basis. If nothing else works, you can always consult a trichologist who may recommend a transplant.


Source: pinterest.com