A Man in the Tough Times

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It takes a lot to be a Man. There are things that you can do, things that you may do, things that you cannot do, things that you must not do, things with a fine line difference and doing them or not doing them works on circumstantials. And then there are those times, when you don’t know what to do anymore.

Tough times are a part of every Man’s life. Being out of a job, hanging in a tough spot, losing all your assets, losing a loved one, being cheated, being in an accident… anything could be tough. It can be anything that lets you be emotionally unstable. Tough times are not expected but must be prepared for. Tough times, unlike the saying, do not ask for tough measures. They need an extremely resolute and cool mind to let it pass.

Be Emotionally Strong

emotional strong

You may or may not have the physical strength to carry the burden laid on you but it’s important to be mentally sound and relaxed to be able to take up the burden. Being calm is the key because that is when you need it the most. Calmness doesn’t just kick in, it is a state of being and needs constant work to make it a part of your psyche.



Family (& Friends), Health and Job. This is the order that you need to follow, always. Your family sticks with you and your health is a result of how you treat your body. Your job is external and is a means to maintain you. It is not the end to all your efforts. Whenever you think that your job needs you, just remember no one said they could’ve worked a little longer on their deathbeds.

Explore diversions


Tough times have an appetite of gorging on time. We worry and tend to use hours, without doing anything and this is a criminal waste of the time we have. Use that time to do something. Anything. A sport, a hobby, cleaning, polishing brass, whatever soothes you. Any activity which takes your mind away from the problem at hand will let you relax, let you approach the problem from a different perspective and if nothing else, may just open a new avenue for you.

Don’t waste time crying

hard working man

It isn’t the physical act of crying that is bad. It is the allowance of wasting time in feeling self-pity that eats you up. Don’t have time for self-pity. If the problem at hand doesn’t relent in troubling you, what gives you the right to feed it? A good cry maybe great, just do it alone and follow Chaplin’s advice on crying in the rain.

Don’t depend

find your path alance

Don’t depend on people or substances. Your family & friends are the only ones who won’t be on a quid pro quo with you. And tough times are the perfect times to pick up an addiction. A relaxed drink in the evening can turn into a dangerous daily fixture, a quick snuff will turn into a dangerous cocktail. Always remember to control your senses and not the other way around.

It is difficult to handle tough situations, especially when there are responsibilities. Just know that you have those responsibilities because you have the capabilities. And it’s all about being the MAN.

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