1. Rinse it

Rinse your beard properly, preferably with cold water. Use the tips of your finger to cover every part with water.

2. Shampoo & Condition it

Beard specific shampoos are available. Use it to wash your beard everyday. You can use a mild hair shampoo as an alternative! Apply conditioner for beard to make the hair manageable. They often go awry and this will help in keeping them in one place.

3. Dry

Use a towel to pat dry your beard. NEVER blow dry your beard. Let it dry naturally.

4. Comb

Use a fine toothed comb or a wide toothed, whichever suits you. Comb it down, so that it stays the way you need it to.

5. Apply a product

This depends completely on you. If you have a beard oil or gel, apply it after washing!