1. Gizmos you need

When it comes to removing hair, the only thing that comes to your mind is a razor. Our advice, don’t use it on parts like your chest, back and armpits. You can use electric trimmers or hair removing creams.

2. Avoiding the peekaboo situation

After your face and your hairstyle, it’s your chest’s turn. The bush might suit you, but it can make others around you uncomfortable. Trim it to a level that it doesn’t come out of your shirt.

3. Let go of the jungle under your arms

Cleaning your armpits becomes a necessity because of the bad odor and intense sweating. Clean it up with a trimmer or go to a professional salon and get it waxed.

4. There are parts that should be hair free

Hair on your back and on the shoulders should preferably be waxed, but if any other tool suits you, don’t hesitate.

5. Keeping your personal space clean

Your privacy shouldn’t be hairy. Bad odor, infections, irritation are some examples of what happens when there’s hair down under.