A lot of times it has been seen that men actually don’t pay any attention to their grooming. The word grooming doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in getting ready. It simply means you have to look presentable. So what are these things that you need to direct your attention to?

1. Feet

Even if you wear shoes all the time that doesn’t mean they are clean. Get a pedicure done once a fortnight and if you can’t, just soak them up in hot water mixed with hydrogen peroxide and scrub them. This will get rid of all the dead skin and dirt that’s been lingering.

2.Hair Removal

Hair coming out of your T-shirt below the chin is not a sight that anyone will appreciate. Wax it, trim it, cut it, but just don’t let it come out of your shirt or T-shirt.

3. Hairstyle

Hairstyle is one of the things that makes you presentable, but that doesn’t mean you’ll use a gallop of some product and brush it into your hair. If you’re sporting a trending hairstyle, it can be done nicely just by using a sliver of any product.

4. Smelling like a flower bouquet

Using a perfume or deodorant means applying it to the places where you sweat the most. Apply it on your neck, underarms, and belly. If you sweat buckets, go for a mild deodorant. Applying it on your underarms at night before sleeping will make the body absorb the fragrance and you’ll feel fresh the whole day.

5. Dry Skin

Dry skin is equivalent to dead skin. Apply a lotion or cream regularly after having a bath. In a hurry? Keep a pocket size pack of lotion with you all the time.