Modernization of Photography

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Say Cheese.. *click click click* ; it’s as easy as it gets now. Every one has a camera today, atleast one of those digital ones they merrily skip around with – but every diamond starts out as a coal – and there is so much more to photography than any average person thinks.. So here are 8 facts that’ll surprise you a little!

1. The ‘Kodak Moment’ – remember the commercial don’t you? The Eastman Kodak Company, popularly known as “Kodak” was founded in 1888 by George Eastman and by 1976, this company captured 90% of market share in terms of sales!

2. Ironically, the core technology that is used in digital photography today was actually primarily invented by Kodak!

3. We all know technology is great, don’t we? If we travel back in time, photography wasn’t just as simple as a “Cheese and click”! Back in 1820s, cameras actually took several hours to capture a film! So yes, technology is indeed great!

4. Also, back in those days, photography was a hell of a task. With annoyingly long exposure hours, photographing people with a “cheese” was impossible. Why, you ask? Simple! Try getting someone to smile for hours and you’ll get your answer!

5. When photographing adults was a task, image the chaos made by babies! Most times, mommy’s used to hide and disguise as chairs, tables, etc just to hold their babies still! Spot the moms in the picture above, you’ll understand what we’re trying to say!

6. After this nerve-racking task of picturing babies, society almost took to the most creepy manner of photographing babies as a norm.. after they were dead! That way, they could be still for as long as they want. Definitely not something appreciable, but jaw-dropping for sure!

7. Today, the number of photographs clicked by a person every two minutes (selfies and all) is the same as the number of photographs clicked by mankind in 1800s!

8. The very first digital camera that was created in December 1975 was by an engineer in ofcourse, Kodak Company and it took 23 seconds to create a single photograph, which was bliss and the camera weighed only 8 pounds!!

So there, some interesting facts about photography in the older ages.. you probably knew some and probably didn’t know others, but thank heavens life’s easier than smiling for hours now!

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