1. Outdoors

Now this could be your terrace, lawn, backyard, even the road – but that’s probably a bit too risky. Remember the times in college when you had to sneak around with your girl just to make out a little? Didn’t the risk make it so much better? No difference here!

2. The Couch

Now if you haven’t done this, come on man hit the couch! The couch is comforting and relaxing so you got all the comfort there and believe us, do this once – you’ll forget the bed!

3. Your Car

What is the one thing women love? It’s your car. Sure, the backseat isn’t the most spacious or comfortable, but things can get really frisky in the car! A woman loves an adventurous man who couldn’t wait till the bed – and believe us, she doesn’t want you to wait, so go for it and get things on!

4. The Pool

Before you jump to conclusions – No, NOT a public swimming pool. This only applies when the pool is private! The buoyancy allows you to move freely and you’re in minimal clothing anyway so.. go try it out!

5. The Kitchen Slab

The infamous kitchen slab! Well, it’s for a reason. Every girl loves kitchen sex – it’s hot, passionate, playful and she will love the fact that you just can’t wait to take her to the bedroom. But don’t forget to clean the slab afterwards!

6. A tent!

Tents are super sexy. Rent out a tent far away overlooking a beautiful valley or something and get it on.. even if it falls, it’s still kinda awesome.