Pranking people, from friends to family, has been a tradition carried down from generations. It’s somehow relaxing to prank someone in a very odd way. But it sure does bring in the laughter that sometimes goes missing in our lives. Here are a selected bunch of pranks that you can try out that vary from going over the top and to downright simple.

PS: Don’t forget your cameras. Some reactions will be priceless.

Lets begin messing with cars. The first one is called the

1: Pimp My Ride Prank.  

So as we can see, sticky notes aren’t only useful but also colorful. This is the perfect prank to carry out if you think your friend’s car needs a makeover. Oh hell, it’s going to be hilarious just to see the level of “pissed off” he/she will be.

2: Don’t Try This On Expensive Cars Prank.

Well, uh… at least they could use the bus/taxi services. I’ve heard they can be used for transportation too. A wrapped up car will save them from spending extra bucks at a car wash as well. “Only doing it for the benefits” so you could say.

3. The Space Car Prank. 

If someone ever dreamed of flying off into space, now they have their car to do so. Apologies to those who have leather seats.

Now let’s move on over to some classic office pranks. Is that colleague being rude? Is your boss ruining your life? That’s okay because – 

1. TheOld-School Newsroom Prank.

There’s no harm in being in touch with the worldly affairs. 😉

2. The Dedication To The Game Prank.

Yes, the name says it all. So go get yourself some wrapping paper and let the packing begin. Hell’s going to break lose while opening all of the things.

3. The Classic Balloon Prank.

Go ahead and fill the office space with a-whole-lotta balloons. If that doesn’t annoy them, the popping definitely will.

4. The Strategic Toilet Paper Prank.

I’m sure you’ve heard about TP-ing a house but how about some office space? Strategically lay it out then sit back and watch with popcorn.

5. The Ultimate Stalker Prank.

This one works best with anyone! Might even terrify them. Sneak up into some place – preferably an office – and paste your photo’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

6. The Rubber Phone Prank.

So we’ve all once in a while hit each other with rubber bands but how about we put them to a better use? This will surely burst a vein.

7. The Upside-Down Office Placed Outside Prank.

This one is a little tricky and needs some effort to complete but you and I both know, nothing could beat this one if you pull it off!

8. The Keyboard Prank.

Yes, oh yes, they will be confused.

It is time for the everyday pranks.

1. The Burger Cupcake Prank.

Oh you’re in that urge to bite into a delicious, juicy, flavorful burger and BOOM… it’s sweet. What just happened? This is a brilliant little prank to pull on those kids of yours.

2. The Grand Entrance Prank

Here’s a good way to make someone lose their mind.

3. The Was It My Chair Prank.

Works mostly like the previous one but it’s under a chair this time. 😉

4. The Damn You Bathroom Prank

This could get sticky and maybe even painful.

5. The Head In A Jar Prank.

I can just hear the subtle evil giggle inside your head. Prepare yourself for the screams. This would work best if you take a panorama picture of an entire head, print it out, laminate it, put some food coloring and water into a jar and place the photo inside of it.