Redensyl, A Baffling Response to Hair Loss

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Say goodbye to expensive hair transplantation treatments with Redensyl

We all desire a healthy crown of hair decorating our heads. It adds weight to our personality, strength to our features, and a distinct character to our look. It helps us make a mark, mark a remembrance wherever we go. 

Obviously, our hair is one of the most prominent and notable features of our body, which catches the most eyes. And it is only natural for it expect more and more care and attention.

What causes hair loss or balding?

To maintain the crown strengthening our personality, our body naturally produces and loses up to 110,000 hair each day. It might seem like a lot but that’s how our body helps us continually have the lush hair we can boast of. Only, for some of us, there’s an imbalance in this constant ratio. Meaning, their body, due to various biochemical alterations, lose more hair than they can produce. This results in hair fall, thinning, and balding. 

This naturally occurring imbalance can be disheartening for many. It can trigger low self-esteem issues. Many who suffer from this very common hair condition called Alopecia try various products over the years, witnessing their hair thin nevertheless. Some even move to expensive hair transplant treatments, surgical or non-surgical. And one needs at least three of these to restore a healthy looking density that feels natural and fuller. Contrary to expectations, 64% post-surgery complaints are about final density, usually unsatisfactory.

Redensyl for hair growth

To that gloomy world of hair loss comes a revolutionary substance called Redensyl. A hair growth promoter (read galvanizer) Redensyl comes as a breakthrough in the world plagued by hair fall and balding. It comes as the perfect tool to hair redemption. It arrives as an alternative to hair transplantation, a painful, stressful procedure, often ridden with side effects. 

Redensyl is a water soluble, golden-yellow liquid, which encourages hair growth at a cellular level. It is extremely easy to formulate in a typical hair care blend. To add to its merit, it has been extensively evaluated through various studies to see its result in reducing hair fall and balding conditions like Alopecia. In these studies, volunteers with 3 or 4 degree Alopecia saw notable, and in many cases, drastic results in just 90 days of use. 

It was noted that the volunteers experienced up to 9% more hair volume. The growth of their hair improved, and their hair fall was reduced by 17%.  


So, how does this new breakthrough, Redensyl help your hair?

Redensyl helps stimulate hair follicles, providing nourishment to each hair producing pore on your head. This causes a new and sustained hair production that helps you have a more voluminous and healthy crown. Redensyl is also known to reduce scalp inflammation and irritation, making it a perfect formula to prevent hair fall caused by any other factor.

The moment we heard about it, we knew it will find its place in the hair care essentials that we offer our gentlemen. For sure!

And so we perfected a blend of nourishing and strengthening Jojoba Oil and 3%Redensyl in our Hair growth Tonic, which will show you results in just 3 months of use!

We can boastfully say that The Man Company Hair Tonic is a work of art. 

It’s 94.72% natural and is free of any silicon and paraben and minerals. This is the easiest and safest route to revive your hair growth and control hair loss since it’s plant-based. It has been observed to reduce hair fall by 17% and improve hair growth by 9%.

The hair tonic is a thought-through mix of 4 important key ingredients that keep the scalp healthy, renew hair follicles, strengthen hair, and accelerate hair growth.

It’s a simple, non-invasive solution that gives you visible results in just 3 months. All that with no side effects!
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