Remember The Icons: 5 Hair and Beard Styles That Rocked The Decade.

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As the decade comes to an end we look back at the hairstyles and beard dos that defined the last three years. They were distinctive cultural icons that will define the two-o-tens for the generations to come.

The Man Bun

Probably the most iconic hairstyle of the decade, apart from the undercut. It’s a great measure to negate the effects of a bad hair day. It’s got major street cred and even the Hollywood hotshots like Di Caprio couldn’t stay away from its lures. Back home, too, it had become the new hip. Though a cleaner cut is making its way back, it is safe to say that the man bun did outlast the decade.

The Fade

A popular vision in the 40s and 50s the fade is a military school favourite. Remember Nana Patekar and his band of boys in Prahaar? It is the mark of strict grooming standards. Over the last 10 years, it has proven to be a testament for many youth icons – be it Virat Kohli, Ayushmaan Khuraana or Nick Jonas. It has now seen an evolution with variants like a short fade, razor faded pompadour or mid-tier fade. And it is definitely here to stay.

 The Under Cut

The undercut hairstyle is probably the most iconic hairstyle of the decade. Its high contrast structure is unique and memorable, and it gives the wearer a classy, refined look. It goes hand in hand with current men’s fashion, and guys love it. From David Beckham to Zac Effron, everyone’s given it a try. Even Scarlett Johansson. And the charm doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon either.

The Handlebar

Almost always associated with being a symbol of Indian royalty, the handlebar found its modern recourse in the hipsters and more fashion forward gentlemen of today. Twirled upwards with pride, the handlebar has been sported by quite a few of the who’s who club, from Amir Khan and Farhan Akhtar to the ever eccentric Ranveer Singh. An all-time classic, the handlebar gives one a rugged yet aristocratic appearance. With more and more gentlemen opting for this style in the past few years, we’d say that this ‘stache surely qualifies as a defining style statement of the decade.

 The Lumberjack

Ultra-masculine and strong- these are the two terms that you’d invariably associate with someone sporting a lumberjack beard. After all, it does trace its origins back to the red-blooded American workers in the logging industry. As more and more workplaces started being slightly more reasonable about dress-codes and facial hair in the past decade, we saw more and more people embrace this luxuriously long face-mane. Movements such as No-Shave November also helped promote the popularity of a fully-grown beard.

While one might think of a really long beard when they hear the word ‘lumberjack’, what we saw were a range of lengths, with quite a few ones being more easily manageable than the original, sported by Bollywood’s favourites such as Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, and once again, Ranveer Singh.

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