Self Care Sunday – Your Guide to Weekend Goodness

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Self-Care Sunday

/sɛlf kɛ: sʌndeɪ/


“The human equivalent of pressing the reset button, leaving us feeling content, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the brand-new week ahead”

Today is the day you go the extra mile… a few extra miles. We’re going to be diving deep into skin, body and hair care today and we suggest you whip out a diary and take notes. We want to soothe our senses, nourish ourselves, feel calm and composed and prepare for a week of stressed out work calls and missed emails. 

If you treat self-care sunday like a chore, it’s going to be long, annoying and hectic. If you treat it how it should be, like the most relaxing at-home spa, this will become a bi-monthly ritual. You can thank us later.  

Hair Care 

Start with oiling your hair. This is the first step so the oil has time to fully absorb into your hair giving it the maximum possible nourishment.  If you’re looking to boost hair growth, go for the Argan and Almond hair oil. If overall hair improvement is your goal, Onion Seed Hair Oil is your guy. 

Face and Skincare 

Now, when you get to the face, there are a few steps. But the most important thing to remember is the order. First, you should always clean your face with a face wash or cleansing gel to remove any superficial layer of dust or grime. After that you can choose your treatment depending on your concern and skin type. 

Pick either a peel-off mask or a scrub for the second part of this routine. Both these products will help you draw out toxins from your skin, help reduce production of sebum and subsequently acne and can also help eliminate whiteheads and blackheads from different areas on your face. 

DIY Bath Scrub

If you’re truly committed to self care sunday, you could use the coffee from your morning brew as a body scrub. Instead of, you know, throwing away so much goodness! 

Beard Love 

If you have a beard here’s your chance to jump on the wagon and start caring for it. – Oil, Wash, Wax – . It’s a simple three-part process that won’t just clean and moisturise your beard, but will leave you feeling a different kind of fresh. 

Post Shower Care 

Your after shower care comes with another rule – serum before moisturiser. You can read more about layering your skincare here.

Use can use the vitamin C face serum for improvement of overall skin texture, a hit of hydration and some healing on the side. If you struggle with acne, you can also use the anti-acne gel. Top off with the moisturiser.  If during quarantine you are still sitting in your balcony or back/front yard, do not skip SPF! 

We, at The Man Company, pledge to maintain the sanctity of our weekend… and we plan to do it with the help of Self-Care Sunday! 

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