Sex (six) great places for a quickie

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Imagine a bathtub filled with roses and the intoxicating aroma of scented candles mingled with the sound of the racy saxophone. Sounds quite a teasing foreplay, right? Not quite. Let’s face it, our on-the-go lifestyle does not help matters in the bedroom. Not everyone has the time or the vigour to set an ambiance. Besides, spontaneity is what adds the X factor to sex. The raw hunger, passion and the spark of getting caught is what makes a quickie really kinky and risque business. Here are sex (six) places to get a quickie:

Sex on the beach


Heard about the drink right? But what about the action? The warm sands and the foamy cool water make the beach a great place to get things started. Choose a secluded corner or get it on behind the rocks or the palm trees. Attention: keep loose clothing so that things remain well ventilated and you do not take too much time dressing up after the act.

 Make it fast and furious

love black and white friends hot couple

Women have a thing for cars. Just ask a man with a super car. So what if you don’t own one, you can drive her crazy by adding speed and horsepower to your passion behind the wheels. Enjoy the full-frontal on the backseat of the car. For better results park in multiple places and experiment your sexual drive on the run with your partner. A great foreplay tip, hold her hands and shift gears. You know what’s coming next? Passion overdrive.          

 Wham bar thank you madam

black and white friends couple drink black and white gif


Conversations begin flowing when alcohol and the right woman are in company. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know are raging hormones and the high spirits, which calls for an adventure. Well, do not waste time. Just head to the restroom and get the ultimate high by unbuttoning only the needful. Make it quick as you do not want too many people knocking on that door. To make matters hot, just watch the Diane Lane scene in the bar from the movie Unfaithful. Now that’s what we call wham bam thank you madam.

Make an elevator pitch



Elevators are a great way to levitate the orgasm. For starters, the space is crammed and so is the time. It’s a great place for some grinding action without too much mess up. Just make sure you press the stop button for restricted entry and enjoy some Kenny G’s saxophone music too as is the case in most elevators. Speaking of buttons, just unzip or unbutton the ones that are required. Once you’re done repeat the act inside the apartment or act like two innocent strangers stuck in an elevator.

What’s cooking?

pantelionfilms love kiss couple amor


Steam up things in the kitchen after a great meal. Just place her on the platform and serve her on the platter. It’s like starters before the main course in the bedroom. It will definitely add a wonderful flavour to your lovemaking, steamier than the pressure cooker in your kitchen.

Blockbuster Session

Movie Theater


Imagine the number of quickies you can have in a 2 hour film. Probably, it’s time to warm up things ; make sure you have corner seats ; a flop movie and an empty row to keep matters on the edge. There, your quick session will be a super hit. And guess what? You can start at the cinema and end it in the in the alleyway. How about lights, camera and action?

Last but certainly not the least, get the right look and confidence for that quickie session with the right tools. Just like premium grooming products from The Man Company. Are you ready for some Risque Business?


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