If there’s one thing about parties, it’s knowing you’re gonna get drunk and chances are you don’t wanna get sloshed but still enjoy your time. Well, before your big night, here are a few tips that can help you pave your way to be the alcohol king!

1. The biggest myth of all times is that drinking on an empty stomach gets you drunk but let us tell you that it’s 100% false. Think about it bro, it’s chemistry. The best you’ll do by not eating is probably not throw up. Having said that, we are not suggesting that you starve till you do get drunk, no! Make yourself a generous sandwich with bread, generous lashings of   butter and maybe a pudina chutney. Make it healthier by using peanut butter. Sit down, enjoy the sandwich at a leisurely pace and  then move to the party.

2. Space out your drink. Enjoy conversations, eat a little bit here and little bite there. Do NOT chug-lug your drink and reach for another! If there is  dancing, get on the floor — doesn’t matter if you cant shake a leg. 90% of the others are also in the same boat. All of you have to do is move your body according to the rhythm and you’re set to digest the alcohol and good to go for another drink!

3. If you have plans to bring in the sunrise, remember to laugh a lot and enjoy the company and once again, space out your drinks.

4. You are sure to be the life of the party! Enjoy.

5. The single most obnoxious element in a party is a drunken boor who can’t stand his liquor and makes a complete ass of himself!

6. So please don’t be THAT guy!