Packing to go to the Moon? These insane fashion innovations are a must pack!

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Tech and innovation, the world around us is buzzing with these words. There has been no better time in history for our minds to be boggled and blown away by the wizardry that is on display.

The Fashion & the Apparel industry have been at the forefront when it comes to setting trends, but some startups have picked up the baton ahead of the curve and seamlessly managed to marry fashion with technology and innovation.

So if you’re aiming for the moon or looking at escaping the regular and getting lost, if you like your clothes but love traveling light, these are the innovative fashion startups you should add to your wish-list now!

1. Backpacking!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Bobby, the “best anti-theft backpack” out there! Named as a homage to the London cops who were nicknamed “Bobby”, This futuristic backpack is conceptualized and designed by the Dutch veteran XD Design. This backpack claims to thwart those pesky bag lifters in crowded places with its intelligent design. This is a bag that both men and women can sport and fits notebooks, laptops, ipads, all the pens you’d need, clothes, a thermos bottle, your headphones, power bank and much more.

The backpack which has your back! (img :


The zipper, completely hidden, at the back of the bag, hidden pockets at the back, sides and the straps(makes it easy to stash your          essentials which come out often),  and cut-proof layer all make it near impossible to breach. With the compartments ergonomically designed, this bag also claims to be not a pain when you take it with you on those trips.

The bag of tricks! (img :

This is the backpack to go for, if you’re planning a trip to the moon soon!

2. Clothes, if you’re into that sorta thing!

Next, on our list is for all those gentlemen who suffer from a case of wanderlust and much rather prefer to travel light, be spontaneous, save money and time and prefer to not look touristy wherever they go.

Smart fashion

Unbound covers it all! (img :

Unbound, started by 3 life long friends,  claims to have created the ultimate travel clothing line which will bring out the true minimalist in you. Comprising of tees, underwear and socks made of superior, luxuriously soft merino wool, which keeps you fresh and non smelly even after weeks of on the go.

Travel light..Travel Unbound! (img :

Say goodbye to hauling luggage on your travels with several changes of wardrobe, Unbound clothing, with its host of smart properties has literally got everything covered and smelly fresh. Men, this one is a must-have.


    3. More than meets the eyes!

the smart glasses you'd actually want to wear!

Avatars of the Vue glasses (img :

Perhaps the first smart glasses of the world created for everyday use, our next brand is Vue glasses. Offered in prescription, plano and in the sunglasses avatar, this has everyone’s eyes taken care of. What’s so special about these glasses though, you ask?

glasses which take care of all the tech needs and keeps you fashionable

1 glass 1 solution!  (img :

With the features integrated into these glasses, these glasses do much more than meets the eye. You can listen to your music, receive and make calls and receive notifications through the bone conduction speakers. This will also be your fitness buddy, tracking the calories you burn and the distance you cover, and a whole lot of smart tech features.

Now those are the smart glasses that I actually want to wear!

4. Jackets that have got you covered!

A jacket which can do 18 types of functions, and we are talking about their basic version! We give you the Hallam New York Smart jacket 2.0! It will charge your phone, has a built in earphone cable, it will automatically – connect your favorites, play music, mute. It has integrated neck pillow, a sleep shade, built-in gloves and ventilation zippers!

All the jackets you need! (img

Available in hoodie, varisty jacket and woolen jacket style variants, this one will be your style partner.

fashion and utility come together!

The loaded Hallam Smart jacket! (img :

The Hallam Smart jacket 2.0 further comes with 4 functionality variants  – the Basic jacket, the Smart jacket (which gives you control over your macbooks and smartphones), the Workout jacket (with an LED flicker band for those night workouts) and a Travel jacket (a key-chain, an ultra-thin battery, a cap and a tripod are included in this variant)

smart fashion for the future

Iron Man’s Jacket of choice! (img:


Need we say anymore!

5. Shoes that will take you everywhere!

I suffer from a major case of shoe fetish! I like my shoes in all colour, size and styles. So when i chanced upon Shooz, world’s first modular-tech travel shoes i was floored!

fashion and tech making life smart!

Smartness in your feet! (img:

These smart guys from the UK, have deconstructed your everyday shoe and in the process made it smarter, more stylish, easier on the pocket and friendlier to the environment. Shooz has a range of soles; urban, running and drive and a range of skins which can be simply zipped on to the sole of your choice.

These shoes will take you place! (img:

With the 4 soles and 26 skins available there are over 100 shoe combinations that one can customize, without spending a fortune.

footwear that save you time and space!

They’ve got you covered! (img:

So, if you’re the dapper, stylish gentlemen who loves to travel far and wide and yet not be bogged down with hauling luggage, these are the 21st century essentials you need to add to your wish-list.

Till the next time, stay smart, stay fashionable guy!

(disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and only meant for informative and entertainment purposes)



Packing to go to the Moon? These insane fashion innovations are a must pack!
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Packing to go to the Moon? These insane fashion innovations are a must pack!
these new smart fashion startups with their innovative creations are the only essentials for the modern gentlemen.
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