Stock Up on Skincare: Ayushmann Khurrana Style

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The best investment with unbelievable returns for grooming the gentleman in you.

Does the stock market interest you? Just in case it did not yet, it will,  from now on! (We promise)

We know that investing in stocks can seem scary, but we will help change your opinion for good. If we have your undivided attention, we have just the stock for you to invest in and enjoy never-ending benefits. 

Want to know what that is? Hear it from the expert of gentlemanliness himself!  

Watch Ayushmann Khurrana in all his glory as a stock market expert! 

You heard him! Skin-vestment is the new grooming game in town! Investing in your skin is like the best move you will ever make. (100% returns with zero regrets)

And the one perfect place to make your investment worthwhile is The Man Company. A brand that makes products using natural ingredients and essential oils that make your skin go gaga, taking your grooming to a whole new level. 

Get yourself The Man Company’s Caffeine Face Wash that is filled with the goodness of Coffee Arabica to give your skin a natural flush of glow and a subtle burst of hydration. Well, not just that, to heighten your overall skin care experience, you can check out the entire Caffeine Series by The Man Company especially created for men who love pampering their skin with the best. And, if you love coffee just as much as we do, it is a win-win situation. 

How does the Caffeine Face Wash make for a perfect Skin-vestment?

Rich in Coffee Arabica

Investing in stocks can make you rich! How about investing in a product that is rich in Caffeine extracts? Sounds like a plan for your skin! The Caffeine Face Wash is filled with the aromatic goodness of Coffee Arabica & Green Tea to lend your skin a natural glow and hydration. 

Rejuvenates the skin

A good investment will make you feel good both on the inside & outside! And a good skin product will do the same for you. The Caffeine Face Wash helps wake up and rejuvenate your skin, making you feel confident inside out. The glow will say it all! 

Adds a glow

While high returns on investments add a twinkle in the eyes, the Caffeine Face wash adds a healthy glow to your face. That is just the natural essential oils, Coffee Arabica & Green Tea working up their magic.

Other Coffee-filled products that you will drool over:

Caffeine Face Scrub | Coffee Arabica & Aloe Vera

Caffeine Face Pack | Coffee Arabica & Kaolin Clay

Caffeine Face Moisturiser | Coffee Arabica & Shea Butter

Caffeine Face Serum | Coffee Arabica & Hyaluronic Acid

If you want all of this caffeine-loaded goodness in one place, you can check out the Caffeine Gang by The Man Company

We hope we’ve convinced you enough to take a leap of faith & make the best investment of all times. Trust us! Your skin will thank you! 

Ayushmann is all set with his stock of his favourite Caffeine Face Wash. (It is our favourite too & will soon be yours as well)  So, what are you waiting for? Get yours before the stock runs off our shelves! 

Ready? Set? Expresso! 

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