Stop That Summer Bummer – The skincare way to keep the rays away

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Summer’s here! 

When we hear of this season, all we can think of is fresh faces and sun-kissed looks. But what do we really get? Sun damage, tanning, dark spots, excess oil and drenching in sweat, a lot of sweat.  These are all the reasons why we need to have a proper regime put in place to keep the summer bummer away. And, The Man Company has got you covered with a range of premium products to help you beat the heat. 

Here’s us summer-izing a perfect skincare routine for you!

Calming Body Wash | Patchouli & Sea Salt 

Meet heaven in a bottle! Nothing compares to a long cold shower on a hot summer day. And to make your bathing experience even better, we’ve picked just the perfect body wash for you. Our Patchouli & Sea Salt Body Wash helps quench your skin’s thirst for moisture with every shower. Patchouli is an aromatic herb that uplifts your emotions, improves mood and ensures restfulness while ensuring your skin drenches in hydration. Sea Salt naturally exfoliates your pores, while its minerals nourish and moisturise from deep within. It’s natural fragrance entices you so much that there is no way that you will leave showering in the middle or in rush. You also get a loofah along with it to have a more lathersome bathing time. 

Vitamin C Face Wash 

A face wash that acts as a pick me up for your skin in the summer heat is an absolute must-have. Our Vitamin C Face Wash will not only give your skin the kick of refreshment it needs but also add back the glow that the season tends to take away. Apart from being loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C, our Vitamin C Face Wash for Men also has powerful antioxidants that help reduce hyperpigmentation and add a healthy radiance to your skin. It also has natural ingredients like Turmeric and Moringa that help in boosting skin health and keep it looking fresh. Consider this like a sip of an icy cold citrus drink in the scorching sun. Ah, that feeling is just unbeatable. 

Sunscreen Lotion 

When things start to heat up, you need a skin protectant that safeguards you from sun damage. Our Sunscreen Lotion is nothing less than a shield with a 40 SPF PA+++ to keep your skin protected and keeps you all set to beat UVA & UVB rays. It stays water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, so no need to sweat that sweat. Sea Buckthorn Oil in the sunscreen lotion prevents sun damage, nourishes the skin and heals sunburns. To keep your skin safe, you must apply sunscreen 20 minutes before heading out to areas exposed to the sun. Believe it or not, this product is your skin guard. 

Charcoal Sheet Mask 

To turn up the cool this summer, we’ve got you just what you need. Nothing is a better fix to kill a summer bummer than a sheet mask. The Man Company’s Charcoal Sheet Mask has the goodness of Activated Charcoal, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid. The two-piece sheet mask is perfect for men who sport a beard and love treating their skin now and then. Charcoal cleanses your skin and keeps excess oil and acne away, Aloe Vera soothes your skin with love and keeps it refreshed & hydrated. We recommend using the sheet mask once a week to give the best care to your skin. Sit back, relax and mask on. 

These The Man Company products are just the essentials you need to keep the rays away because skincare cannot take a summer vacay. 

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