Summer is coming – Get your beach bod on

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We have a few months before summer and before you know it, you are on a plane to sunny Pattaya, where the beaches are pristine and the water is divine.

Those cool shades that protect your peepers and make you look the part? Check.

Jazzy coloured flip flops to glide over the sand? Check

That flowery Hawaiian shirt that helps you blend right in? Check.

You are a beach bum and you know it.

But what about the body under all that? What’s the point of a summer vacation if you aren’t going to wear the most minimal of clothing to show off that body?


Here are some fundamental and basic ideas as to how to get your body ready in time, so when summer finally comes you don’t have to be Jon No Show.

Diet Plan.

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Instead of the commonly accepted notion of three square meals a day, you are going to switch to six smaller meals instead. This will result in a much faster metabolism which will ensure that you will burn excess carbs faster. Breakfast will consist of a cereal portion alongside eggs and fruits. Lunch and Dinner are the meals to go all in for the protein portion of the diet plan. Boiled meats are your friend here. A vegetarian’s choice here would be tofu. The ‘in-between’ snacks throughout the day can consist of fresh yogurt and nut choices.


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The crux of being physically fit lies in your gut. There is no better way to do it than planks. This form of work out unlike many other involves no movement whatsoever once in position. The plank gives strength to the lower back, tightens the abdominal core and bulks the shoulders. Another advantage of the plank? You don’t need any equipment to get started.

Arm Play

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Big Gun, Number One, Big Gun, Kick the Hell out of You.  Those ball breaking lines are from the song Big Gun from the legendary hard rockers AC/DC.

Pay attention to this point and soon you are going to get them Big Guns alright. I am talking about your arms, mister!

Weights are the way to go primarily, but the thing is not to remain at a single weight set and expect the arms to bulk. The idea is to increase the volume gradually thus leading to gradual bulking of your guns. Improve your pushing strength by doing pushups and bench presses; these will also improve your upper body look. Also, do not neglect your triceps.

Never skip leg day

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Some folks go all out and focus their entire effort into the body that’s above the belt, but trust me scrawny legs are going to kill the libido of the ladies by the bay.  And it’s not just the legs that forms a man’s lower half.  Identify the muscles that make up the legs and their functions, these include the butt, the hips in addition to the calves.

R & R.

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Rest and recuperation is important. No point tearing up your muscle and not give it enough time to repair and recover. Restless working out will result in fatigue and pain, and even injuries which can put all your summer plans in a tail spin. Means of resting can take various forms like days off, sleeping and other non stressful activities

Beach run

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All the above will be moot if you don’t have the stamina to take it forward. On your journey to having the perfect summer body you are going to have to things that will ensure that your resultant shape will be in running order. Head out for a run on the sands , early mornings are perfect timings for that jog and you will have the advantage of breathing in fresh air to oxygenate your body.

Tell you what, after you’re done with all this, you can try premium and all-natural grooming products from The Man Company to make you look your best ever during this summer.

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