Summer Fashion Trends for Men – 2018

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Here’s our “summer fashion trends” breakdown of what’s going to shine when the Sun’s blazin’!

Here are the styles that’ll will set you apart, and ahead of the game.

The Summer is Here!

We barely got a respite long enough to justify saying seasons have changed, but they have. And a change in seasons means a change in fashion trends.

So what do the summer fashion trends of 2018 look like?

What’s going to make people take in the sight of you walking in and think “Yeah. That!”?

What’s going to make ladies stare in admiration, and then push their men into stores (or you into their own crosshairs)?


On the other hand, what not to do?

How to be fashionable, but not a fashion victim?

How to be stylish and not look like a store’s badly done seasonal window display?

Here’s what we did.

We analysed international ramp looks, scoured around fashion expert blogs, spoke with stylists and then ran that information through realities of the subcontinent and made a list. For you.


Here’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going to take the top takeaways from that list and give you FIVE fashion trends that are going to be in vogue this summer.

(And this is all about clothes. We’ll figure the hair and beards later.)

Summer Fashion Trends 2018: #1 – Loosen Them Pants.

Your legs can breathe again!

Praises to the powers that be, the trend of circulation-cutting skinnies looks like on its way out.

No. That does not mean that you can look like a hip-hop star from the 00’s.

What it means that straight cuts with easy washes, cropped bottoms can be rocked with ease. What it means is that you can swing your leg over your bike without panic setting in.

There’s this one from Macy’s we really like.


Summer Fashion Trends 2018
PC & Link:


Zara seems to be riding the skinny ship still, but this straight leg variant got our attention:


Summer Fashion Trends 2018
PC & Link:


Summer Fashion Trends 2018: #2 – Shades of Everything.

One colour can be boring.

Variations of that colour though, anything but that.

Best part of this trend is that most men already own multiple shades of blues, greys & blacks. All it’s going to take is putting them together.

Want to go a step further? Try pastels & browns as the heat gets worse.

Hey! If Louis Vuitton is doing something in fashion, it must be right. Right?

Here’s their Spring Summer 2018 fashion show… Just so you know.

However, make sure that you stick to a maximum of 3-4 tonal variations.

You don’t wanna look like a paint tone chart.


Summer Fashion Trends 2018: #3 – Stripes. Vertical Stripes.

Do this. Google “Striped Shirt” and see the image results.

90% horizontal stripes. i.e. horizontal stripes have been done to DEATH

So this summer is about changing that direction. Literally.

This summer is about vertical stripes.

Preferably on the upper half of your body. Preferably narrow-er prints. Preferably just on one garment. You’re not going to jail.

This one from Nordstrom is a perfect example of stripes at work.


Summer Fashion Trends 2018
Pic & Link: Nordstrom


And this one, the perfect example of stripes at play.


Summer Fashion Trends 2018


Summer Fashion Trends 2018: #4 – Checks.

This one’s for the evergreen gang.

Checks never went out of style. Probably never will.

Obvious being one of the safest bets, there’s still a lot you should be watching out for.

  • Very large checks if you have a smaller frame – avoidable.
  • Checks done in all primary colours on a single garment – avoidable.
  • Wearing multiple clothes with checks at the same time – please don’t. Unless you want a passerby or two throwing up.

Superdry is playing their style cards right with this one.


Summer Fashion Trends 2018
Pic & Link:


How can we forget the original cowboy brand? Wrangler has this one up their sleeves. Perfect for the summer.


Summer Fashion Trends 2018
Pic & Link:


Summer Fashion Trends 2018: #4 – Tropical Prints.

Let’s rephrase.

Subtle tropical prints.

Tonal variations of palm leaves is okay. Tropical parrots? Nope. Nada.

We know it’s going to be hard, but scout around for some non-blinding prints. Once found, pair them with a dark pair of denims or chinos, and you’re good.

Old Navy gets the concept bang on with this example.

Summer Fashion Trends 2018
Pic & Link:

A more extreme approach from Zara, but just in case you’re feeling adventurous.

Summer Fashion Trends 2018

Now go spread some happy vibes!

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