So cleaning out your cupboard is common as the season changes with jackets and boots being shoved up the attic to make room for summer clothing but are you really ready for the summers?

Shorts and shirts are not the only essentials required for the icky humid weather, there’s way more prep work involved. So here are the top six requirements needed by every man.


When selecting sneakers, comfort and versatility are necessary for a pair to be deemed good. Vans or quicksilver usually do the trick.

2.Lightweight Jackets


So you’d be all what? Jackets? No. But the logic behind this is to be ready for a cool night after a pleasant evening.



So the general notion is that if you buy them you’ll lose them but it’s better than losing your eyesight right. So yeah grow a pair and get a pair.

4.Non-Leather Belt

So woven belts are all the buzz these days and are inherently more casual than leather belts.

5.Loafer Socks

So no socks is in these days but some seem to think of not wearing socks a pain. So I give you no show socks or loafer socks.


Woah! So that’s not part of our closets right. Still necessary if not to beat the heat, atleast to try on a new look, it’s hair so it’ll grow back you got to chill out about it.