Facial skin is more sensitive than the skin anywhere on your body. It needs proper care and maintenance. For cleaning our face, we all use face washes but are we using it the right way? You need to stop committing the mistakes mentioned below!

1. Using soaps

Soaps are not designed for our face, but for the body. The pH levels of our face are different from the body and thus, specialized cleaners are made for it. Avoid using soaps and start using face washes.

2. Ingredients

You have to ignore ingredients like parabens. Start using mild cleaners or cleaners with ingredient like tea tree oil. It is good for our face and maintains the pH levels.

3. Let the skin breathe

The night is when the skin is in the renewal mode and if you take proper care of your skin at that time, you’ll see the results yourself. Just wash your face with a face wash and apply moisturizer.

4. Scrub

If you use scrubs, don’t use it harshly. Scrubs contain little particles or beads which helps in the removal of blackheads and dead skin. Use it gently as you don’t want the skin to get red.

5. Don’t use HOT WATER!

Wash your face with lukewarm or cold water as hot water will make it dry and wrinkles will start to appear in no time!