Being a man, you’d want nothing to do with tampons obviously but for once, forget all you know about them, wipe the slate clean. Tampons other than what it traditionally does, has many uses that you wouldn’t know of, here are five of them that would leave your jaw hanging.

1.Medical Bandage

Tampons are sterile, and extremely well packaged and are also designed to be ultra-absorbent and also could be cut up and taped around a wound hence making the perfect bandage.

2.Water Filter

They can be as a 1st phase water filter, filtering out sediments and other large particles, may not make the water totally drinkable but atleast better. You could always boil the water later.

3.Fire Tinder

Cotton is highly flammable hence tampons can act as a good fire tinder. Along with some Vaseline or chapstick, you could have your own bonfire in the woods.

4.Straw Filter

Just tear of some cotton from the tampon and use the plastic as a straw but yeah that would involve you having a tampon in your mouth, get through that without losing your dignity and it’s all cool.

5.Make-shift Candle Wick

The cotton in the tampon can be curled into a wick and can be used to soak up the oil and act as a candle wick that you could then light.