The Essential Driver

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It takes a lot to be a Man. And one of the most important things which a Man takes pleasure in, is getting from point A to point B. Inventing the wheel, letting a few simple movements to go huge distances has been the single-most defining passion in the making of a Man. When it comes to going somewhere the Man steps up the machinery at his disposal and is ready at the drop of a hat to let his ride do the talking.
Whether you ride an MTB, a bike, car or a truck, drive a train, fly a plane, or steer a ship- the skills required are the same.

Know your Ride

know your ride

Whatever you drive, know how it works. The machinery, the fuel mechanisms, the tyres, the lubrication, the cleaning, the servicing- know it all. If you ride a cycle know the chain and the flywheel, if you drive a car know the gear shifts and basic engine maintenance, if you ride a bike know the oil levels and the pressure gauges.

Maintain your Ride

car maintainancce

Your ride is your baby and you need to treat it such. Regular servicing by the professionals, annual check-ups, changing running parts at regular intervals, putting in specification liquids and keeping your ride scrupulously clean are the first things you need to do. Just like yourself, your ride needs all the love it can get to work smoothly and be your partner and not just another tool.

Ride like the Wind

ride with pleasure

This doesn’t mean driving recklessly. It is all about being One with your ride. It is an extension of your body and whatever it feels, you feel and vice versa. The bumps bump you and your slight holding gives it the strength to turn at that sharp corner. Be One with your ride and just let instinct guide you.

The Traffic


In the ideal world, warm asphalt would wait exclusively for you. Since that is not the case, remember three things on the road: being careful, being super careful and being super-duper careful. Your ride’s your baby but it is not so with the others, take pity on those chrome souls and let them pass. The highways are your playgrounds and that’s where you and your baby unleash the beast.

Know the Rules…

traffic rules

… so, you know which ones are worth breaking!! A driver knows the accelerator & clutch ratios, a great driver knows that there are times when you can get away with breaking some rules. It’s only a Rider who knows that traffic rules are for general civility and the Man is a thorough gentleman. He knows that rules aren’t about being obeyed but about letting everyone have a level playing field. He follows them wherever he is and doesn’t let the beast in his ride come out in the open.

The true Rider is worth his weight in gold and always knows how his ride feels because it is not just a piece of metal for him. It may not have his blood but the sweat is real and counts for much more because it is a MANs’.

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