The Power Couple You Can’t Trump – Michelle & Barack Obama

Power Couple, Michelle, Barack, Obamas
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Every once in a while a power couple will spring up in the public eye to remind us that magical love is attainable. And that we shouldn’t be settling for anything less than that. The Michelle- Barack romance for example. You can tell it’s an adult romance , yet they have that unmistakable spark!

This couple has given every guy and girl around the world some serious relationship goals!

It’s A Match

The thing about a power couple is that they’re not a mere accessory around the arm. Both Michelle and Barack are perfectly matched in attitude, influence and wit.

While BO is the mega star who’s intelligent, poised and powerful; MO wears a cape that has SUPER written all over it. She is authentic, smart, independent, inspiring and an equally great dancer (let noone fool you- it counts 😉 )

Her man’s career in civil rights law, public service and politics took him to the office of POTUS. His lady’s legal background and innate poise eased her into the role of FLOTUS, leaving behind a legacy like no other.

With two Presidential terms under his wing, it is well-known that Barack has the gift to hypnotize a crowd. And the fact that Michelle was roped in to campaign for the Democrats – well, need we say more about her oratory skills, her words that seem to come from the heart, and her ability to move the audience in a very personal way.

Remember her powerful speech where she attacked Trump for his lewd “locker room” talk: “It has shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn’t have predicted.” And made us all emotional!

Power Couple, Michelle, Barack, Obamas

Source: Instagram

Cheerleaders For Life

Power couples push themselves, for they want to become better versions of themselves – for themselves, as much as to deserve their partners.

And, they push each other – Telling each other never to give up on their dreams, becoming shared holders of their passions. When doubts creep up, when fear paralyzes and when failure threatens, they know they can count on their better halves to be their strength and help them evolve. (Remember La La Land? Now there’s a duo that had the makings of a power couple as well!)

Back to the Obamas. He’s her biggest fan, and he makes that clear.

And vice versa. She revels in his success like it’s her own. “I told people from the very start, Barack Obama is exactly who he says he is.. He’s an authentic man as he came in and he’s going to leave as the same person.” She is proud, for it was she, his best confidante and advisor, who had told him to be ‘authentic’ during the presidency.

Power Couple, Michelle, Barack, Obamas

Source: Pete Souza/ The White House

The Teasing

Power couples stay powerful, for they don’t take their relationship too seriously all the time. They can take a joke at themselves. And they can enjoy it just as much!

You see, Michelle gets away with a spot-on mimicry of the POTUS on Stephen Colbert’s talk show (Look it up on Youtube, it’s adorable).

They tease each other in good humour. When he says “She’s more reasonable today.” She’s ready with “I know now, when the fight is worth it.”

Power Couple, Michelle, Barack, Obamas

Source: Pete Souza/ The White House

Mutual Admiration Club

You can tell when two people genuinely acknowledge the best in their partner, treasure their uniqueness and really are the wind beneath their wings!

Barack’s touching tribute his “best friend” made couples across the world want to be better at the relationship game. “You took on a role that you didn’t ask for and you made it your own with grace and with grit and with style and good humor..  A new generation sets its sights higher because it has you as a role model.. You’ve made me proud. You’ve made the country proud.”

And what makes this special is the authenticity – he is not doing it to flatter her, but because he knows that Michelle demands and deserves respect.

Power Couple, Michelle, Barack, Obamas

Source: Instagram

The Very PDA

Now, power couples do not shy away from coming across as a bit cheesy at times. After all, intimacy is a given in a successful relationship.

Barack breaks into a song for her; while she doesn’t mind fixing his bow-tie under the glare of the camera. They have often been spotted lovingly gazing at each other, or enjoying each other’s company more than the event they’re attending 😉

And of course the kiss-cam, and the authentic embarrassing reaction to that.

Power Couple, Michelle, Barack, Obamas

Source: Pete Souza/ The White House

It’s that chemistry that makes all the difference. Individually, they’re a power to reckon with. But together, they can conquer the world! And that’s what it’s about.


Disclaimer: This is an editorial piece. No political leader/ celebrity mentioned here is associated with the brand.

Featured Image Source: Pete Souza/ The White House

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