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Man Products
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It takes a lot to be a Man. Then why use a woman’s products? If you’re responsible for your clothes, your finances, your car, your TV equipment and your life, then why use products that are not made for you? Your body is different, your biochemistry is different, your physical being is different- then why use a product that hasn’t been designed for you?

The Shampoo



Starting from the head, a man’s hair is harder, sturdier and built to withstand physical shock. So, you need to stay clear from shampoos advertised by women and stay away from the high chemical concentrated anti-dandruff mixes peddled on TV. Your shampoo needs just three things: a fine scrub, a cleanser and a cool smell. The scrub cleans your scalp & hair of the dirt and grime which sticks to it through the day when you’re out. The cleanser, wipes your scalp and hair of the oil and the dullness. The cool smell helps you feel and express freshness all day. Anything with a charcoal base is good for a man- if it can clean water for you to drink it can clean your head of anything.

The Soap


You don’t need the fancy rose smell. You need a soap that cleans off the sweat, the salts and the grime. Like the shampoo, it needs to have a scrub, a cleanser and a good smell. The good smell here should match the perfume that you will dab on after the bath. A deep musk fragrance will go great with the heavy perfumes you use. In case you like the cool blue soaps, avoid the perfume. The two fragrances don’t go together and will mar your carefully crafted look.

The Perfume


No fruity fragrances. Period. If you have any stashed any or if the lady in your life splashes some on you, just take a bath again. A man’s chemistry is built to be a heat sink and is good for deep notes like wood, musk and tobacco (in its dew dropped and not the dried form). Using cool fragrances, like the old school Khas is okay for very hot & dry places but the general rule of thumb should be to use perfumes in oil base (they stay on much longer) with deep notes.

Face creams, moisturizers


Products made for women are built for skins which are kept soft with constant effort. Men typically don’t put effort to make their skins as smooth as it ought to be. Using a natural essence based cream they can try this routine: immediately after drying oneself in the bath, quickly massage with the cream all over. A quick massage so that the cream absorbs in and stays there. The reason it is immediately after the bath, in the bathroom itself is, that the skin is comparatively supple and the pores are open to take the nourishment in.

The Diet

the diet

You don’t need the supplements and you don’t need the pills. All you need are timely meals and healthy routines. Eat half, exercise double and drink (water) triple. Take this as the ground rule and you’re sorted.

Go ahead, look your best. Look the part and be the MAN.

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