There are different uses of coffee other than drinking. You can use coffee in your daily chores! There are also some amazing facts about it which can make a coffee lover go head over heels! But let’s get to the point and see where else can we use this amazing thing!

1. Air freshener

Coffee can be used as an air freshener! Take a sock and fill up some coffee beans in it and hang it in the corner! You’re good to go!

2. Bad breath?

Got bad breath? Take a whole coffee bean and put it in your mouth for some time!

3. Fridge smells?

Put some grounded coffee inside a cloth and place it inside the fridge. Your fridge will smell nice and will keep the odor at bay!

4. To paint!

You can use coffee to paint too! It’s easy as you just have to create a mix with water and you’re done!

5. To exfoliate skin

Grounded coffee can act as a scrub. Apply some on your face and scrub gently and you’ll have smooth skin afterwards!

6. Pet repellent

If some animal keeps ruining your beautiful garden, you can use coffee to keep them away. Animals can’t tolerate the smell of coffee and hence, won’t bother you!