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Use the benefits of coffee for your skin.

Coffee has been a splash of freshness for many of us. The much needed, fill-my-mug to the brim need of our stretched hours. From helping us stay up, getting us through the day, and making sure we met our deadlines on time, coffee has been a constant companion. It has been a part of our late night conversations, tip-toeing around deep existentialism, and the comfortable cup of belongingness alongside good friends.
Considering its unmatched value, we invested ourselves in brewing a new version of Coffee that can become your partner in skincare. The beans have sizzled and the brew has concocted to present you with this expert curated freshness. Hold your breaths as we let out the first whiff of the brown love: Ultimate Caffeine Kit!
Enriched with the vitalizing boost of Coffee Arabica and blended with a range of expertly picked natural ingredients, this caffeine series is put together to the taste of your evolved palette. It is a range of grooming products, set to give your skin and hair the much needed splash of freshness and nourishment that it deserves.
Come, and bring your friends along, as we unveil the new taste of Coffee in town:

Caffeine Face Wash | Coffee Arabica and Green Tea

Here’s what a fresh face wash feels like Coffee and tea never worked so well together!
A blend of Coffee Arabica and Green Tea, this Caffeine Face wash is the splash of nature that will help wake up your face in the morning and help it feel refreshed at night. This face wash not only deep cleanses your face but also energizing it. The fine Coffee granules present in it carefully remove the daily dust and grime build up. It has Green Tea extracts that refreshes and soothes the skin with each use and Coffee seed powder, which increases blood circulation, thus improving skin texture. The Caffeine Face Wash can help you make your skin the best version of itself each day. Now that’s a splash of Coffee we could all use.

Caffeine Face Scrub | Coffee Arabica and Aloe Vera

A scrub of Coffee for your face
A rich blend between Coffee Arabica and Aloe Vera, this face scrub will detoxify and gently
remove the dead skin and instantly brighten your face after the first use. What’s more, it will do that without stripping your skin of its natural oils and instead supply it with the supple, softening touch of Aloe Vera. Delaying the signs of ageing, this scrub will bring about a useful protection from sun’s UV harm and help you unveil a refreshing new look each time you use it. Offer yourself a taste of this Coffee.

Caffeine Face Pack | Coffee Arabica and Kaolin Clay

Give your face the care of this Coffee Pack
That boost of energy familiar with just a whiff of Coffee could never do as good to the face as it now can. Enliven the chef’s special blend of Coffee and Kaolin Clay. It will rejuvenate, refresh and hydrate your face with each use. The new normal shouldn’t have to dictate your Coffee dates. Go on one from the safety of your homes as you apply this face pack on a virtual chat with your Coffee mates and Coffee dates.

Caffeine Face Serum | Coffee Arabica met Hyaluronic Acid

Here’s how to get ready for a Coffee date
Coffee Arabica and Hyaluronic Acid come together to make a fine elixir that can energize,
revitalize and hydrate your skin with just a couple of drops. Speaking of two drops of life, the conditioning nourishment of this serum helps make your skin lively and radiate with a fresh glow. Let this Coffee Serum accompany your skin on all Coffee dates to help unveil a fresh, hydrated, blemish-free and glowing face like never before.

Caffeine Face Moisturizer | Coffee Arabica and Shea Butter

How would you like your Coffee face?
A cup of Caffeine goodness with a dash of butter for your face, this Moisturizer is all that your face needs for year round. It will help nourish and moisturize your face while adding a natural radiance and giving it a plump look. It also has skin brightening properties that will make your face feel and look fresh.

Beard Growth Serum | Coffee Arabica and Biotin

Energize your beard
Did you ever find yourself wishing that your beard, dull in appearance, no matter what you
tried, could drink and revive its life? Well, you don’t need to worry about worrying your beard anymore but just offer it the enriching boost of Biotin paired with Caffeine in this Beard Growth Serum which will not only energize your beard but also make it manageable, voluminous and strong.
So, get ready to recharge your grooming game and explore the series now with our ‘Ultimate Caffeine Kit’.

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