The Modern Man’s Guide To Different Types Of Fragrances

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Still confused between a EDC, EDP and EDT? Yes, these have differences and men should know about it. At least, for the sake of knowing, what to apply and when. In fact, this can also help you while choosing your signature scent. Actually the difference lies in the concentration of essential oils used. It is the strength of the liquid and essential oils that calls for the difference.


It is the most concentrated form containing around 20% to 40% essential oils or aromatic scents. This makes it last for even 10 hours and more. Lasting span actually depends on one’s body chemistry with a particular fragrance. So, naturally with such high concentration, these perfumes would last really long which can be detected even after a day. 

Eau De Parfum

Eau De Parfum has 20%- 15% fragrance concentration, along with alcohol and water used as base. By blending various notes, amazing EDPs are created for both men and women. 

Eau De Toilette

These have 5-10% scented oil concentration. They won’t last as long but it depends on the brands as well. An EDT from a reputed brand can give you value for your money. They can last anywhere between 7 to 8 hours.

Eau De Cologne

Now coming Eau De Cologne, or simply Colognes, as we commonly refer them. With 2-5% concentration of aromatic oils they are mostly suitable for everyday use lasting for couple of hours. Generally, men would opt for cologne for their lighter and mild composition which isn’t too strong. During the first hour, middle or heart notes will dominate the cologne’s scent while after the second hour, its base notes would take over and after which there period, where your body chemistry usually interacts with the notes and decides how long the fragrance is going to stay with a trail on the body. A lot of perfume lovers, aren’t aware about the composition. Yes, to choose the best, you must know that!


A cologne or perfume is made with three main components, i.e. alcohol, water and scented oils. Alcohol and water are obviously used as base in which the scented oils are added. And from here, the concentration of the aromatic oils decides the type and price of the fragrance. This is why EDPs are more expensive than the EDTs or EDCs. Big brands using high strength of scented or essential oils can cost a bomb for their fragrances. But don’t worry! We have some really good brands like The Man Company, where you can expect long lasting perfume for men at reasonable prices.

What to apply

Having said that, your body chemistry also plays an important role. At times there are some oils or scents that are going to interact with your scent to stay for a really long time. Most men’s perfumes are available in EDT or EDC. Men’s cologne are something that men can use on daily basis while EDP are used on special days. 

General lighter fragrances are suitable for the daytime while strong concentrated fragrances are ideal for the evening or parties. Scents like Spicy, Woody, Musk are perfect to unleash the party animal in you. The Man Company has this Eau De Toillette for men in Spice, with the dazzling blend of Clove, Cinnamon and Patchouli. Perfect for strong men, it adds a mysterious aura around you. On the other hand, The Man Company Urban Night is a perfume for men which is built with contrast of essences like traditional and bold, fresh and mild, strong and sensual. Its top notes are comprised of Rum while Leather forms its heart with a Guaiac Wood base.

Knowledge check how to apply cologne or perfume

As you know fragrance plays an important role in how others remember you. In fact, it can become a part of your personal style and grooming. As a matter of fact, people would remember you just because of your signature scent. Even researchers have claims that we tend to associate people and events with fragrances other than other prominent factors.

Applying perfume is like a quick art that you need to master to become a pro in everyday grooming. One can do that by knowing how to apply perfumes and colognes correctly. Soon after the shower after drying the body is considered as the best time to use fragrances.

You should apply cologne or perfume on the pulse points or the warm areas on their body. This is why areas like neck, chest, wrist and elbows work better. Clearly, these are the body parts where the fragrance would live longer. For many men, their wrist and neck makes an excellent place to apply perfume for that seductive aura. 

For daily use, a body perfume like The Man Company’s Bleu works well. It has an energetic composition of bergamot, lavender and mandarin with accents of tobacco. It’s the best option for men struggling with unpleasant body odour because of excessive sweating or even for men who hit the gym daily.

While using the cologne, men should keep a check on how much to apply. Applying too little will not work in your favour leaving you stranded in the middle of the day. Whereas wearing too much would be a turn off for not just women, but other men around you. One to two sprays would be oaky for everyday use, rest decide depending on the strength of the perfume, you’re using.

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