What’s Up Your Sleeve This Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day is round the corner.

Now you maybe the quintessential romantic with a few tricks up your sleeve for every Valentine’s Day. But let’s be completely honest: Valentine’s Day isn’t as easy for everyone. And even for some of us with a world full of ideas it can be a confusing affair. While you cannot leave the traditional flowers, greeting cards, chocolates, and dinner out, here are a few things a little more adventurous. Or maybe not.

Recreate Your First Date

Go to that restaurant where you first met or the cocktail bar where you said cheers over martinis. A little bit of role play wouldn’t hurt either. The first shy glances, the first hello. And the first memories. It will remind you of the thrill that got you together in the first place and further strengthen the bond. If your first date was totally awkward, have a first-date “do-over” and replace it with fresh new memories.

Watch the Sunset Together

If you have the budget, there are pyramids around the Nile. You could also go watch a sunset on a tropical isle. Or you can do it just a few hours from the city somewhere by a quite lake. Grab a blanket and watch the night or morning sky. Leave your phone aside. No photograph could replicate the resonance of your hearts beating together. And nothing could break the rhythm worse than an unwanted phone call.

Treat Yourselves to a Lavish Night Out

No maps, no planning, no booking air tickets – play tourist in your own city. Book yourselves into a fancy hotel, preferably with top-notch amenities. Some room service and in-room massages would only spice up the night. But most importantly stay in and savour every moment together.

Watch a Love Story Unfold on Film

Nothing like some take away, a couple of cool drinks, a blanket and an ethereal love story playing out in front of you. The classics never fail on an occasion like this. If you want specific suggestions, mail me at aritra@themancompany.com and I will only be happy to oblige.

Give Her the Stars

Head to the nearest planetarium. Stargazing together will never stop being romantic. And  clear skies will always be in the forecast, no matter what Mother Nature is conjuring up outside.

But most importantly make sure you make an effort for your significant other. Groom well for the occasion. And don’t make excuses. Remember the thin line between “pheromone-laced” and “shabby”. Don’t be shabby.

Visit our special Valentine’s Day page to get some ideas on how to clean up good come D-Day.

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