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Who Deleted Me??!!

Written by Saurabh Mishra

People have always tried to find out who has been stalking them on facebook. Downloaded all sorts of applications but in vain. This app that we’re talking about doesn’t do the above mentioned but it does tell you of all the people who have deleted you on facebook and it’s bound to create some drama, violent or funny.

The app named “Who Deleted Me” whether good or bad will definitely diminish people’s egos and is going to lead to a lot of heartbreaks.

It’s fairly simple to use, there are three categories namely ‘New,’ ‘Deleted You,’ and ‘You Deleted’ and the deleted you category is the one to watch out for.

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Saurabh Mishra

With love for all things technology, Mishraji is a nerd in a positive sort of way. With a Masters in computer technology, he enjoys decoding mumbo-jumbo for our naïve readers so they can lead better lives. Saurabh speaks not more than 50 words a week and his best pal is called Solitude. We are certain he has a rich, complex inner life.

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