Why Should You Use Beard Oil – Pros & Cons .

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Men are growing beards since ages and beard oil is a daily use product that ensures you get healthy beard. By adding few drops of an effective beard oil, one can ensure beard stays in good condition. First you should know beard oil helps nourish and strengthen your beard hair keeping them thick and grow faster.

Pros of Using Beard Oil

Apart from that regular application of beard oil which is infused with different essential oils would help promote faster hair growth. However, this wonderful oil can work to stimulate the blood circulation and to let you enjoy full beard in no time. While you cannot alter your genes that directly affects your beard growth, you can still cure patchy beard. Thanks to beard oil.

Beard oil rich in herbal an essential oils that makes the beard denser by boosting the growth. So having said that there are different beard oils available in the market and that contains which are helpful in growing thick hair. Yes, essential oils have been proven to get you amazing beard that you would love to flaunt!

If you are still wondering, why should you use beard oil then let’s dive in more.

Men love to grow beard longer and thicker which are easier to style. But your beard does not come with all the praises but itching too.  Beard itch can crop up when the beard hair gets longer. This also keeps some people away from growing their beard.

Here the role of beard oil comes into play. Applying the beard oil on your beard and skin underneath prevents itch and beard dandruff, also known as bearduff. So as an added benefit, you get relief in dandruff and dryness. Everyday, pollutants and toxins accumulates in the beard hair which can cause multiple problems later on. Here too beard oil will help immensely. It also acts as a double duty product like a styling agent for beard styling. Having said that, one must also ensure that to get all these benefits, choosing a beard oil from a reputed and trusted brand is must. The Man Company’s Beard Oil contains Almond oil and Thyme. This hair growth beard oil is best known to promote growth besides making it more manageable and amazing. With pleasant scent, it is easy to apply and let you flaunt your beard. It’s also available in 30 and 50 grams bottles there for you can keep a handy one even while you travel. Almond is highly moisturising and is known to reduce the itching and dryness.

For smoothen the beard hair, The Man Company Argan Oil and Geranium variant is the best beard oil for soft and manageable beard hair. So just few drops twice in a day would ensure you are ready for a dapper look.

Best Time to Apply Beard Oil

You can apply the beard oil soon after the shower and before going to bed. Moreover, for someone who is at first phase in growing their beard, shall use beard oil at least once. With essential oils, it stimulates the hair follicles and beard becomes thicker.

How to Apply Beard Oil

There is nothing complicated about how one can use beard oil. It is very simple and there is no right or wrong way net. You just have to take some drops of beard oil on your palms and massage it on the beard hair. You should apply it on your damp beard hair after the shower. Applying 3-4 drops is enough though for very long beard 5-7 drops can be taken.

Always make sure to start applying from the roots until you get to the ends. Once you are done use a beard comb to style the beard for long beard hair. While applying don’t worry about the direction you would like to spread the oil but don’t forget to apply on the moustache hair. While applying work your hand in downward motion from cheeks to your chin.

Cons of Beard Oil

Beard oil are generally safe to use without any side effects.. However, if you’ve oily skin, ensure that they should be non-comedogenic. In fact, if your skin is dry then beard oil can give immense moisture. You must be aware of the oils and ingredients incorporated in a particular beard oil. This means that you may be allergic to that particular ingredient. Majority of beard oils contain essential oils. These essential oils are there to enhance the beard strength and stimulate growth. Other than that natural oils also moisturise the dry skin and rough beard hair. But here’s a catch you should choose good quality beard oil.

Additionally, ensure that your beard oil is packaging in a dark coloured bottle as the oils can go rancid soon, making the product ineffective or rather unsuitable to apply. Stay clear of beard oil, made with artificial fragrances, paraben, mineral oils or even the dyes. Such chemical can irritate the skin. In simple words, by picking the natural and organic beard oil and can get the most out of this amazing product.

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