No More Worries Mate! Rock the Wine Game with these tips.

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Wine is a precious victual, it is the liquid of camaraderie, of class and often one which can make or break your gentlemen game. According to me, if you’re doing wine, you might as well get it right. No more peanuts, potato chips or “chakhna”, Wine deserves more than that.

Permit me to give you some food pairing tips to score some big brownie points on the gentlemen leader-board guys. Be the perfect gentlemen with these quick, surefire tips of the whats and hows of doing wine right.

1. Bold Red Wine

Bold red wine and its food pairings

Go Bold tonight!

Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz are the more known ones in the Bold Red segment. Initially, I used to pair this with dark chocolate, yes i had plenty faux pas moment, but then with experience comes good food. Some of the cuisine which sit well with a bold red wine are potatoes (think well mashed!),pastas with some maitake (mushrooms work too!) sauteed along with some red peppers, tomatoes, shallots.

Wine and food done right.

Pastas go really well with a Bold Red

For the meat-lovers, you have the options of choosing either pork ribs, tenderloin or salami or bacon.

The perfect pairing, though, for a bold red are hard cheese, red meat such as beef, lamb or venison roasted, grilled or barbecued.

As the wine, so the food!


2. Medium Red

A Merlot for the occasion!

Cabernet Franc or Merlot on the menu my friend, fret not. I’m thinking some exotic spices, thyme, basil, oregano, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, some cherry tomatoes and funghi paired with pungent cheese and its falling in place.

a medium red wine and food preferences

Bring out those nightshades and exotic spices!


What about meat, you ask? Your choices are roasted or barbecued poultry (chicken, duck, turkey), red meat or cured meat. Though if you really like to get things just right, a smoked tenderloin or pork chops will take the wine game to Pro levels.

Oh so Tender -(Loin)!


3. Champagne

Lets sparkle tonight!

If you are planning to bring out the bubbly anytime soon, then may i extend my congratulations to you first. Quite clearly you’ve got something extremely special on the cards. Surprisingly, there are a number of food pairing options to go perfectly with sparkling wine, regardless of it being red or white.

Fruits like berries and oranges, nuts, pastas, sauteed vegetables, bacon,  pork and poultry all are worthy delicacies to complement the flute of sparkle.

fruits and nuts are perfect accompaniments for champagne.

Berries for the win!


And if you really want to get it bang on, look no further than mollusks (oysters, clams, mussels).

Oysters and Champagne – Made for each other!
(img :

4. Light White

A light white to celebrate!

The trick which works best for a Sauvignon or a Pinot blanc is keeping it light, green and fresh. So go for the herbs (thyme, basil) and green vegetables (kale, lettuce), steam or poach them and your table is pretty much set.

Keep it Light!

Fish is the definite meat of choice for a wine of this pedigree. Even raw fish, i’m serious!

Nothing fish-y about it!

5. Dessert Wine

Made for Port!

Port wine is often given sly remarks, on account of it being not the real wine! My friend you will be amiss if you overlook the importance of this humble drink. Port and sherry traditionally are the 5th course accompaniments. Stock up chocolate (preferably dark) and coffee and pungent cheese.

This has been the rundown on getting your wine right! Go ahead and put the Fine in the Dining tonight.

Now lets be the gentlemen that our lady loves deserve.

Until we meet again, here’s wishing you a great Valentine’s Day folks!





No More Worries Mate! Rock the Wine Game with these tips.
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No More Worries Mate! Rock the Wine Game with these tips.
A comprehensive guide to making the right moves with the wine of your choice.
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