Heads Up Gents! Get your Head-Pieces Game right this Valentine’s.

the greatest head pieces are the ones which just need to be there!
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These are very interesting times, the times of social media and a smaller world, the times of color schemes and layering the right way. These are times of loafers, sneakers, oxfords and brogues. These are times of hats, caps, beanies and all head pieces thrown in.

The choices are endless and at our fingertips with hats, caps and beanies from across the world. It’s great if you are open to experimenting with all that is out there, and by all means go out there and choose what’s your thing, but do it wisely.

If you are suffering from a receding hairline or those awkward bald spots have started making an appearance, head pieces, apart from adding another dimension to your dapper personality, have your back.

An increasing number of us Indian men have started adding head pieces to our wardrobe. Here are some quick tips to consider, so that your head-wear game is on point and adds to your personality rather than stand out like a sore thumb.

1. The Hoodie-Cap Combination!

The baseball caps and the hoodies. You’ve got to have immense cred to pull this off with right amount cool and sass. If you’re doing it because somebody else pulls it off, be wary. Running marathons, playing a sport like you mean it or being taken seriously at the gym or fitness center that you visit and best case scenario all of the above mentioned and doing it all effortlessly are must-do for carrying this one with aplomb. If you have a case of the “tummy”, i suggest you give this one a miss.

head pieces must be backed with incredible credentials

The Sport stars or the Wannabe Cool Guy!

2. Wanderlusting Or Lost?

The glasses, the carelessly thrown scarf, a backpack, the tilted hat, give character to your persona or could very well end up making you look like a character. If you look for stuff out of the commonplace, and the uncharted territories is where you find solace, come right in my Dear Sir, this is the look for you. Go in for a Derby a.k.a. the bowler hat or a fedora with the perfect fit to get this right.

head pieces just don't protect you, they complete your character.

The Wanderlusty Ones!

3. The Techie who Paints!

You’re an artiste, you’re also your local gadget guru and the bona-fide tech wizard in your group, you’re also the one who will pick up the acoustic and serenade everyone around. This one demands  that the right notes be hit and announces your effortless cerebral presence. P.S. You will be envied by the other guys. on the plus side, the ladies will adore you. The Panama hats, recently revived by Johnny Depp and Pharell Williams, are the go to head pieces if you identify yourself with this.


Head gear pieces that make a statement

The Cool-Tech Artiste!

4. Men..Men…Men…Men-Manly Men Men Men..Woohoo…!

If you’re planning to sport the cowboy hat, synonymous with manliness, there are somethings that need to be ticked off the checklist. You shouldn’t be cattle and livestock averse. You need to have a sturdy pair of boots, which are the only type of shoes you might own. A great thundering beast of a motorbike or a horse if you can get your hands on one. Otherwise you’re looking like a runaway from the rodeo show. P.S. – if you must insist on wearing this, i suggest you do away with the strings tied beneath those chins.

the greatest head pieces are the ones which just need to be there!

The “Man” Brigade!



and finally,

5. The Shiver-Me Dead! 

Beanies, especially the woolens one, and if you can pull it off, a bauble or a pompom at the tip of it. This paired with a woolen muffler, woolen gloves are a great ensemble for sub-zero winters. If you sport this any other time, be sure to consult your local weatherman, time it right, you do not want to give the impression of being under the weather all the time.

carry off the woolens with panache

The Cold Dude!


That has been my 2 cents on doing head pieces right. Now is the time to get those thinking caps (the proverbial ones) going to look the best you right in time for Valentine’s Day. We’re throwing in some grooming blind corners that should be avoided and some footwear tips so that you put your best foot forward for those V-Day plans.

I will be back in time with more of my 2 cents on Jewelry for Men.

Till then, mates, keep rocking that hat.








Heads Up Gents! Get your Head-Pieces Game right this Valentine's.
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Heads Up Gents! Get your Head-Pieces Game right this Valentine's.
We list few of the trending head gear styles out there and which ones add to your personality.
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