Thou Shalt be Better 2017! Lets make better resolutions!

resolutions for a better 2017
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The clock ticks away, as 2016, a very interesting year by several parameters, winds down to its final moments. We stand expectantly at the doorstep of 2017. The optimist amongst us will stay up till midnight to bid welcome to 2017, the pessimist amongst us will stay up past midnight to make sure 2016 goes away.

Most of you are readying yourself for a party, a concert or a get-together of friends and family to usher in 2017.

resolutions for a better 2017

Let the party begin!

Most of us are also being bombarded on social media platforms with a barrage of recycled resolutions from 2010. Most of us must be trying to work on our own list of resolutions for this year.

resolutions for a better 2017

Resolutions for a better 2017!

Its pretty much the same old-same old, eating healthy, getting fitter, doing this, going there and on and on.

resolutions for 2017

Be aware of our limitations!

I think by now, we should have chanced upon the our own limitations when it comes to achieving these lofty ideals, and shifted the goal posts to more achievable ones.

So for this, the last post of 2016 from my end, i intend to do a little goal post shifting of my own.

Here are my 5 cents :

  1. Be Healthier – Think not just salads and cold-pressed juices and less junk, but this year focus on being healthier on the inside. Lift yourself up spiritually (i do not suggest you going away and joining a cult!), be calmer (in your dealings with peers and subordinates!), a little less hassled by everyday tumults, less frustrated by others and more content with oneself.

    resolutions for a better 2017

    Be Calmer!

  2. Be Fitter – Not just by availing yourself of a gym membership and aiming for that elusive set of six-pack abs, go ahead and do it by all means if you must, but be fitter in your resolve to outside pressures, be fitter to face what the world around you will challenge you with this year,be fitter to help those in need, family, friends or even strangers.
    resolutions for a better 2017

    Accept everything and everyone.

    Be fitter to love and be loved. 

    resolutions for a better 2017

    Be worthy of Love!

  3. Enable – not just notifications from various websites, but actual people. Instead of feeling entitled to the fulfillment of your desires, dreams, hopes and ambitions in 2017, resolve to be worthy of them this year.
    resolutions for a better 2017

    Fulfill your dreams!

    Dream a little more, hope a little more but also work for them a bit more. Instead of expecting others, try and be the selfless catalyst of someone else’s dreams and hopes this year. Send out your light into the universe this year and it shall respond in kind.

    resolutions for a better 2017

    Connect with the universe.

  4. Superheroes – Learn from them, Be them and not just watch them this year. Learn from Superman to be outside your comfort zone, in foreign unknown territory even, but make the most of the skill set you possess. This year overcome your greatest fears, those dark areas, which might be holding you back and be the hand of good for those around you just like Batman (don’t go kicking people’s butt, that’s all!). Just when everything seems to be coasting along just fine, Life will stack you with unexpected and probably insurmountable odds, find a way out because there’s always one, Tony Stark taught me that. Resolve to find the superhero in not just yourself, but also others. 

    resolutions for a better 2017

    Be a Superhero!

  5. Ignore – As you add numbers to your age, learn to ignore, people with bad vibes, so called friends, gossip-mongers and petty people. Even if you counted them amongst your close friends once upon a time, do not try to conform to what they think you or your life should be like. Walk away if you have to. Be honest in your intentions and the rest shall be taken care of.

We wish for you the best that the universe has to offer in 2017.

resolutions for a better 2017

We wish you a Happy New Year!

See you on the other side Gentlemen.

Thou Shalt Be Better 2017
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Thou Shalt Be Better 2017
Shifting the goal posts of resolutions for a better year.
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