2020 has had a subjective meaning for all of us.

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It has really changed and re-established the meaning of life. It has made us question so many things, brought us to our knees; made us wail with overwhelm on some days and accept challenges to perform our optimum best on many others. 

2020, this challenging concept, the institution of constant confusion, the paradox of the meaning of life; this year bygone, has made us question our own limits and reestablish them. It has made us achieve new things and accept challenges with a furious fervor. 

To our team, personally, It has humbled us with a lot of gratitude towards love, life, faith and work. And as we bid a gentle and tribunal farewell to our demi year, we want to share with our dear gentlemen, our masses and believers with all the things that make us feel grateful for having been challenged this year

We count our blessings for:

1.An amazing team

Team that made sure that all the gentlemen who’ve put their faith in us never ran out of their grooming favorites. And they did this with as much agility and passion as care and prevention. We can’t be grateful enough for having a team that works with easy synchronicity to make sure that we flourish with overwhelm as a brand.

2.Our own focus and determination in establishing our ideals.

We have, by the grace of time and understanding, continued to address and question traditionally established notions, questionable but deeply conditioned. We have, through our various campaigns for Rakshabandhan, Father’s Day, etc. have continued to speak our ideals with a renewed courage and vigor.

3.With pleasure, we have had to redo our Hall of Fame

To accommodate the latest achievements that have helped us work with an even stronger vitality, to make sure that our dear gentlemen continue believing in us. We were awarded the Kyoorius Creative Award for film advertising, Shark Award (Gold)and Buzz in Content (Bronze) for best use of social media, Digies (Gold) for Best Content Marketing Campaign and Streamcon (Gold) for Best Video Marketing Campaign. Also, we were noted for various Kyoorius nominations.

4.We celebrate a growing family of grooming products

As we launched many new nature based, yet premium grooming products for all our men. People behind big screens in our office tell us that many of the products you’ve found to be your favorites have actually been bestsellers this year.

5.We helped you indulge in self-care

At a time that questioned the meaning of life and care, that made us so cautious and caring towards ourselves and others, we helped you attain optimum self-care. We were out there making sure that you could take care of yourselves from the comfort of your homes, growing, glowing as the bright northern lights you are.

And mostly, and most importantly we thank you, dear reader, and all the gentlemen who put their faith in us, continually helping us thrive in our reign.

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The most valuable thing a man has at his disposable is his time. The truth is, men are constantly bombarded with Do's and Don't in every aspect of their life. The constant mental struggle and the fear of conformity holds back great men from taking charge and leading their lives from within.

Being a gentlemen is a journey, something that a man continually strives to be, rather than a destination. And once you decide to take on this journey from being a Man to modern Gentleman, The Man Company promises you to help you in the pursuit.

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