5 Beard Styles To Rock Your Look

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Whether it’s a full-fledged mane or a minimalistic style, you need to know how to rock it and how it’s done. Choosing a beard style can be a real dilemma (they’re all so awesome) and it’s time we break it down for you..so here’s to 5 types of beards that you can rock this season!

1) The Full-Beard

You can’t possibly get manlier than this one! The best way to look modestly handsome and woo those ladies right out their shoes is to go full out on the beard. If there’s any that could be a symbol for your manliness, it’s this one! Not only does it raise your charm, it also protects your skin from drying up in the cold winters and damage from the sun in the summers!

2) The Balbo

If you opt for a balbo, you’re in for an awesome three-way; The most astounding moustache, an attention to the soul patch and finishing up with the most classic chin beard. This style has an old school charm as well as a modern touch to it and what can be better than a collision of both the worlds?

3) The Goatee

This is a more sleek style to carry off. It’s right in between a full beard and a scanty beard look and man, is it charming. Not only does it make you look and feel urban, it allows a tattered look without a mess and dominate day-to-day existence.

4) The Stubble

This is one of the most rugged looks you can achieve. Not only does it make you look rough, it also has a very laidback charm to it. Easy Maintainenece and a casual vibe is all that it screams out, apart from the toughness of course!

5) The Anchor-Beard

Now this particular style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is damn fine if pulled off correctly. As the name suggests, the anchor beard comes from a nautical anchor. The face is to be free of sideburns but have a beard that extends along the jawline and is then styled to a point. This look is hard to execute but if executed rightly can really make people look back at you atleast twice!

– See more at: http://www.themancompany.com/blog/beardstyle#sthash.D0W5jynD.dpuf

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