7 Tips To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest This Season

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The wedding season is upon us, and as much fun as they are, they can be pretty intimidating with the pressure of looking your best, giving the perfect gift and being part of that elite set of guests that people always remember.

Don’t worry, we have got your back! Here are the seven tips to be the perfect wedding guest this season:

Arrive Just In Time

There’s a difference between fashionably late and so late that 70% of the guests are already heading back home. You don’t want to put up just a guest appearance, right? Don’t be inexcusably late, but at the same time don’t arrive too early. Find out in advance about how punctual you can expect all the customs and functions to be, and time your arrival accordingly.

Focus On The Hair

The one thing that makes or breaks your entire look is your hairstyle. Tastefully unkempt hair might add that roguish charm otherwise, but when you want to attend a wedding, it’s best to opt for sleek, dapper hairdos. Use a good pomade for an ultra-glam look that will help keep your hair in place throughout those Sangeet nights. 

Don’t Forget The Right Shoes! 

Gentlemen, your footwear speaks volumes, so pick the right pair. A safe option is to go for traditional juttis & mojris with ethnic outfits, and proper dress shoes with a tux or a suit. You may want to experiment and mix things up with some funky sneakers, but be sure that you can carry them off with confidence. After all, this isn’t Bollywood!

Pick The Appropriate Perfume 

Your perfume or Eau De Toilette should be chosen bas depending on the time of the event you have to attend. For day time functions, opt for a subtle fragrance with refreshing citrus hints, such as the Blanc EDT. For the night, a more intense fragrance should be picked, such as the Noir, with notes of Bergamot, Cedarwood & Sandalwood.

Attack The Food AFTER Wishing The Couple

Yes, we know. Food is the primary attraction of any wedding, and staying away from the stalls and buffet tables can be very difficult with the delicious aromas wafting through the air. However, being the gentleman that you are, you must first go wish the couple, socialise a little, and only then head to the grub!

Give The Perfect Gift

Ah! The question that perplexes us all- the perfect gift! Well, rather than giving the same old crockery sets and coffee machines, go for something that is thoughtful and would actually be used by the groom. That’s where curated wedding gift boxes come in. Don’t know the groom too well to know his preferences? Get them a gift card so they can get whatever they would like!

Cab It!

This is a no-brainer. We know you’d want to eat, drink and make merry, and that you must! However, do remember to act responsibly and do not drive after drinking. Use a cab service after the party, or pool with the designated driver of the group.

Happy serial-wedding-attending to you!

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