Have you ever wondered why you drink wine from those odd tall glasses and beer from the mugs? Well, we have here a breakdown to make it easier for you to understand your liquor and know how to serve it just right!

1. Beer Mugs:

Larger Glasses (left): These types of glasses are best for your robust beers, like lagers for instance.

Wheat Beer Glasses (second from left): We all love the scent of the fresh wheat beer and these tall slender glasses give out the aroma the best, leaving space for the foam on top and a hearty serving of your favorite wheat beer!

Pilsner Glasses (second from right): These thin tall glasses are best to have your pilsner from, they capture effervescence & color like no other, and ofcourse, leaves space for the foam on top!

Stemmed Beer glass (right): Certain beers like stout require a tulip shape for them to be at their best, the shape allows better formation of the foamy head (minimal, this time) and allows swirling that releases aroma!

Damn, didn’t think beer could be so high maintenance!

2. The Wine Glasses:

Now the thing about wine glasses is that they’re a hell of a unique set, and that is for a reason. This tulip shape helps you to notice the aroma and the flavor, the stem helps from altering its temperature. There are four main types to consider – two for each color!

Red wine glasses – Robust wines such as Bordeaux are best in the shape shown on the extreme left, whereas fruity wines such as Pinot Noir are best in a bowl-shape glass (third from the left)

White wine glasses – Robust wines such as Chardonnay are best in a bowl shape again, extreme right and light bodied wines such as Pinot Grigio are best in slender tulip glasses (second from the left)

3. Sparkling Wine/Champagne Glasses:

Champagne’s and sparkling wines do their magic in glasses that hold bubbles, it’s absolutely crucial for the taste to be awesome for a while that the bubbles stay in and hence glasses with stems are ideal for these ones.

4. Cocktails:

Old-fashioned glass (left): This is the classic “on-the-rocks” glass, some bourbon with ice is the way to go with this glass!

Highball glass (middle): Now this type of glass is your classic mixing glass. Soft drinks? Gin and Tonic? Well, this your glass for that stuff.

Martini Glass (right): This glass is the infamous Martini glass, but there are few other cocktails it withholds flawlessly.

5. Cognac/Whiskey/Brandy:

Brandy (left): Brandy glasses, called snifters are short stem tulip glasses, to hold up the temperature and ofcourse, spread the smell!

Cognac (center): The unique shape, the tulip, of a Cognac-specific glass and it’s rim allows tasting nuance.

Whiskey (right): This glass is rare-found and is actually the one you should be using for your scotch, it helps bring out the flavor and the smell and nothing’s better than the good old smell of some fine scotch you got back in the bar!

So, there you have it! 5 main types of liquor glasses that you should be aware of. Next time you throw a party, make sure to have these babies in your collection!