1. Beer belly

People say that beer belly is caused by drinking beer. That’s not at all true. Beer belly is a result of drinking alcohol because alcohol contains calories! Vodka, wine and other drinks can make that paunch!

2. Drinking coffee will make you normal

Not at all. Coffee isn’t of any help here. On the other hand, it can make the case worse! Let the alcohol leave your body on its own because coffee doesn’t make your body metabolize alcohol faster!

3. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol makes you heavily intoxicated

Both are not good for your health and mixing up both together is definitely not going to any wonder. It can have some dangerous effect on your health, but it sure as hell won’t keep you sober or drunker!

4. Alcohol kills brain cells!

That can’t happen! Alcohol cannot kill brain cells, but can give you a nasty headache. It for sure can disrupt brain function.

5. All Vodkas are same!

No. They are different. Vodkas from Eastern Europe are much stronger than the normal ones and that’s what you have to keep in mind!