The Beard Grooming Products Every Man Must Own, And How To Use Them

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For bearded men, their beard is the most distinguished aspect of their face. It signifies manliness, while also showcasing their ability to style themselves. And, has beards are fashionably ‘in’, their attractive appearance gives a man all the more reason to care for it.

1. Grooming your beard twice a day


Combing your beard at night removes every day debris and dust that could be stuck on your face and beard. It also improves circulation, promoting healthy growth and fights off premature graying.  In the morning, comb your beard after cleansing your skin and beard with a gentle face wash.

2. Combing your beard with a wooden comb


A strong wooden comb must be used in your daily grooming regimen. Wooden combs are gentle on your skin when it comes in contact with your face. Unlike plastic combs, a wooden comb won’t create static, generating frizzy hair. A wooden comb can also transport beard oil from the root of your hair to its tip. This ensures that each hair is gently coated with oil.

3. Beard Wash

Do not use the shampoo you use for your hair on your beard, as this shampoo will come into contact with your facial skin. A specially formulated Beard Wash formulated for facial hair will gently cleanse your beard of impurities, while not stripping it of its natural oils.  Gently massage it in, leave it in, before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.  You can use a wide tooth comb in the shower to help rinse out the shampoo.

4. Beard oil


The most important aspect of the daily regime of any bearded man, beard oil is vital for many reasons.

Firstly, beard oil prevents split ends and breakages.

It also keeps the beard shining – giving men a regal appearance. For men who take pride in their appearance, a subtle sheen imparts their beard with a regal appearance. Further, as beard oil seeps through, it also nourishes the skin under the beard which a moisturiser may not reach. Oil also helps avoid beard dandruff, which frankly looks embarrassing considering the place of prominence that a beard has in a man’s appearance.

The Almond & Thyme Beard Combo of Beard Growth Oil and Beard Wash gives your daily grooming regimen a Vitamin E packed boost to promote growth.

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