Be Beardiful: Beard Growth Oil Benefits For You

A wise man once said, “life is better with a beard.” He was right. Beards aren’t a fad either, and if history has taught us anything it’s that they’re here to stay. Ancient Egyptians, the 300 Spartans, Abe Lincoln, and Mr. T all had one thing in common – Beards! It’s not a trend. It’s a lifestyle.

Every bearded man, whether they consciously realize it or not, personifies the creed: do better every single day. That is to say, for men beards are a direct reflection into the men they are and the people we hope to be. Let’s face it: Growing a beard is a herculean task. It takes a ridiculous amount of patience, motivation and confidence. A “beard journey” is fraught with seemingly insurmountable peaks and valleys.

Firstly let us understand why should we use a beard oil in the place.

Beard growth oil for us is the holy grail of beard products. We all know that genes dictate how fast your beard grows. But, there is some evidence out there that shows certain oils create conditions that help the beard grow faster. So, this product can definitely help your beard grow a lot healthier and look after your skin, ensuring that your beard has every opportunity to grow as fast as possible. Ideally it should be used few times a week before you go to bed and it also acts as a deep conditioner overnight. This means your skin is going to be dandruff (bearddruff) free and easy to work in the morning when you wake up. Applying the oil ensures optimum hydration of the skin and can also act as a layer of protection against impurities.

The Man Company Beard Growth Oil
The Man Company Beard Growth Oil

Our Almond and thyme beard oil is “premium” because of the handpicked ingredients that make up our oil formula. This product only uses all natural and pure oils that are known to help moisturize, condition, strengthen, and style. The primary ingredients within our product formula are Almond and Thyme, along with other essential additions.

1. Jojoba  – Moisturizer that helps clean hair follicles. Rich in vitamin A and E, also helps prevent acne.

2. Almond  – Moisturizes, revitalizes, and conditions. Helps promote beard growth, blood flow, and is known to be rich in vitamin A, B1, B6, and E.

3. Argan – The perfect beard conditioner. Helps keep hair silkier, shinier, softer, and overall healthier. One of the most effective hair oils out there.

4. Rosemary – Essentially helps in hair growth, slows graying and is know to treat flaky skin and dryness.

5. Lemon – Lemon has anti-fungal properties that control the production oil

6. Geranium – Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that ensure healthy hair growth.

7. Hazelnut – Moisturizes and calms oily skin.

8. Thyme – Improves hair growth and blood circulation.

Beard Oil Benefits

Most guys either use way too much oil, or only use a couple drops and dab in on their beard. The optimal timing to put oil in your beard is when your hair is softest and cleanest, and you can achieve that once you have taken a shower, preferably in lukewarm water, which will properly clean your hair and clear out dirt stuck in your follicles. You are going to want to massage the oil in deep, getting down to your skin underneath. Using a boar bristle brush after massaging is key in getting the oils spread evenly through your beard.

The most effective way to tell if your beard oil needs to be washed off is to run fingers through it and feel the greasiness and oiliness in your beard. If your beard hair seems greasy and heavy, it means that the oil has been completely absorbed and your beard is now storing dirt on it, which is making your hair a little bit heavy. So if your hair feels greasy, go ahead and wash your beard, by using a beard shampoo which will be effective in cleaning all the dirt and oily effect from your beard.

Beard oil is an essential addition to your bathroom regimen. An ideal beard oil will not only provide you with a dapper beard, it also provides great skin benefits for the skin under your beard. Beards are a growing trend, make sure yours is looking amazing!

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