Beard Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

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Learn the game to get a perfect mane

A gentleman always desires an envious beard.

And we are sure all of you who love to carry one must consider it a part of your personality.

It can be hard to get the desirous results but growing a full mane is not all the magic. You need to know the right products and let that hairy beauty unfold.

Maintaining it right is where all the hard work and dedication are required unless you don’t mind that mountain Jedi look and can easily neglect to sport a well-groomed beard.

Are you looking for tips to master the art of beard growth? Then you are at the right place. We have the perfect products to be a part of your beardiful journey.

Nourish All The Way:

Are you looking for grooming products to flaunt a bearded look? Then you should know that the first step towards an envious mane is Beard Oil. Our Almond & Thyme Beard Oil is known to provide nutrients and hydration. Made with natural essential oils, our growth oil help promote the growth of your beard and make it shiny and manageable. The presence of Almond extract ensures that your beard hair grows to its maximum potential. The longer the beard, the more it tends to dry off, and the oil adds extra nourishment and keeps dryness at bay.

A Gentle Cleanse:

Beard is a gentleman’s best friend, and it deserves all the pampering. The journey to get a perfect beard begins with washing it right. The Man Company has several washes that provide deep cleansing to the beard. Our Almond & Thyme Beard Wash not just thoroughly cleanses your mane but nourishes it with the goodness of natural ingredients. Almond delivers deep nourishment, making your beard softer and shinier, while Thyme ensures healthy growth. The best part is that it does not dry your beard. Just the shower your beard deserves every day.

Beard Styling Made Easy:

Amp up your beard styling quotient, and bring out the #GentlemanInYou. The Man Company’s Almond & Thyme Beard Wax is here to stylise and pamper your mane like never before with the gentle touch of natural ingredients. Almond & Thyme lend a nourishing hand, making your beard smooth & frizz-free. The wax is free of petroleum jelly and has beeswax to ensure that your beard does not become greasy or stiff. No matter what kind of beard you sport, we will keep your styling game on the go.

If you are still not convinced and require more information about beard grooming, you can watch the latest episode, “Beard ke liye kuch bhi karega!” of our Podcast, The Gentleman Show. Where our host Ankush Bahuguna is discussing beards with our guest Lokendra Singh Rawat. Listen to them discuss every aspect of beard grooming and learn a few tips on maintaining your mane. Not only this, but they also talk about the myths related to beards and men.

You can listen to the audio podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn, and all leading audio-streaming platforms.

To watch the full video podcast check out The Man Company’s YouTube Channel.

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