Beard Trimmer vs Hair Clipper

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What is the difference, and do I need both?

Do you actually need both? That’s truly upto you. We’re just here to tell you that trimmers for your hair and beard are two separate products with different functions and blades.

So, what really is the difference? 

Hair Clippers

  • Thicker blades designed to cut hair
  • Made to cut thick tufts of hair
  • Oscillating Blade Mechanism
  • Best for layered cutting and definition
  • Different settings for different hair

Beard Trimmer

  • Thin blades that cut very close to the skin
  • Made to cut finer hair
  • Oscillating Blade Mechanism
  • Don’t uproot your hair follicles
  • Recommended for people with sensitive skin

So, should you buy both?

If you have thick, long hair and a huge beard, ideally yes. The two products offer a range of different functions. Trying to use a beard trimmer on your hair can also prove to be futile since, as we mentioned earlier, it’s designed to shave fine hairs with its thin blades. Trying to achieve a fade or a hairstyle of your choice with blade trimmers might become a bit of a task.

On the other hand, using your hair clippers will definitely not give you the clean shave.

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