Unique Ideas For Gifting Men – A Buying Guide

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Most of us get confused while buying gifts for men. Thinking of the best gift for a guy can be really confusing as well as time consuming. This is because the product that you would like to gift should be of use and the person must like it. Therefore, brainstorming the best gift for him is difficult but you would surely want to give something special that would make his day and show him how much you care about. Out of the so many gift options available, we have picked up the best and unique ones for you. 

Smart watch

Currently smart watches are in trend and lot of men, would like to have them as gifts.  Therefore, a gadget like Smart watch, is like a mini computer on their wrist. Additionally, the smart watches would display the notification to get alerts for important events or activities. How helpful that can be for someone who’s always busy with tights schedule. For fitness freaks, the smart watches with the related apps would be the best gift.


When a guy’s a music lover or does a lot with his headphones, gifting a pair of good quality headphones would be the best gift you can give to him on his birthday, anniversary or otherwise. In fact it can be very useful gift for him. Not just for listening to music but headphone can also be used for multiple purposes like listening to a conference, seminar, for video chat, for work purpose and much more.

Grooming Kit

Grooming kit is every man’s essentials. Gifting something useful like a men’s grooming kit would definitely get him impressed by you. Basically, a grooming kit contains the skincare hair care or hygiene related products. There are wonderful products that The Man Company offers as gift boxes for men. They are not just affordable gift sets but also contain high quality products like beard oil, charcoal face wash, shampoos, conditioners and whatnot. Out of the multiple gifts, you can choose the one that contains the products that you think would be useful for the person you are gifting to.  

E-Gift Cards

Gift cards are the latest gifting trend with the boom of online shopping. Therefore, giving an E-gift card would be a great idea to surprise a skin savvy person. The Man Company has e- gift cards available in the denomination starting from INR 500 to INR 5000. Using these gift cards, one can buy products for skin care, hair care, body care, grooming related products and fragrances as well. These can be redeemed at www.themancompany.com and are valid for one year from the date of issue. 

Fragrances and Perfumes

Perfume is a very personal thing however, there are some types of fragrances like oriental, Aqua, Woody which are liked by majority of men. So, why not think of gifting a good fragrance for him. Gifting a perfume would be one of the best ideas. You can buy perfumes online with good quality and long lasting varieties. The Man Company has got some nice fragrance gifts for men that are infused with the premium essential oils to last longer.

Electric Shaver and Trimmer

Guys who’ve got so much to do during the day, can fall short f time. An electric trimmer and shaver can be his ideal mate in making his life easier. The Shaver and trimmer attachments would help to get a quick shave or trim on-the-go. This electrical device is very easy to use and can be carried while travelling. It is one of the best grooming gift idea for men. 

Beard Oil

When the guy is interested in keeping his manly facial hair, Why not gift a beard taming oil. A beard oil would be a perfect gift to manage the dry unruly hair effectively. Furthermore, it also helps in the proper growth of the beard hair strands. It’ll also get rid of the itching and in keeping the dandruff away. The very useful product is a must have for someone who likes to keep beard. 

Leather Wallet 

A wallet is one of the most important accessories that men need. Gifting a good quality leather wallet will make him happy. Make sure you choose wallet design that has multiple pockets for the credit cards, coins and for the currency like the big notes as well. Go for leather material as it lasts and looks classy.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts mean anything that has the person’s name or a personalised message printed on the product. Printed coffee mugs, greeting cards, key chains, cushion covers are one of the most used personalised gift ideas for men. Therefore, you can also think about that. If someone likes to drink coffee a lot, a printed coffee mug with a nice message feel more special. Even a message printed photo frame along his bedside will make him think about you. A keychain which has his name or some letters will make him feel special. 

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