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This is what your AM PM routine should look like

In this age and era of constantly trying to be the best versions of yourself, you have probably read through catalogues and categories that best define your ideal selves. You work hard and fast in the direction of that prospect version. You follow a perfect daily routine to be at the best of your achievements. You condition your appetite with more gratifying ingredients that not only love your gut but also help you have a healthier and balanced life. You replace white flour with oats and high calorie junk with fruits and berries. 

Oh, we know you love yourself and want to offer the best care out there to the best person in here. And therefore, being a grooming brand for the contemporary gentlemen, we thought of arranging you the best of grooming routines to help you enhance your persona in that area. 

Welcome the easy treatment and royal outcomes of a well-planned AM PM skin care regime.

AM Face Care Regime

Your AM or morning face care routine will help you prep your face for the fierce brunt of the day. Your face hosts the most prominent, remarkable and exposed features of your body. As the skin on your face sets its course to make your mark, it is challenged by the harsh climate, polluted environment and your lifestyle choices. It therefore becomes utmost necessary to offer your face the right care and nourishment that creates a protective barrier for it out in the open. 

So, this is what your AM facial regime should like:

  • Face Wash: Wake your face up with this important morning ritual. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type and pat dry.
  • Moisturizer: Follow the deep cleanse with the deeper nourishment of a gratifying kind. Moisturise your face with the right blend of ingredients that suits your skin the best. This important bit of care prevents your skin from drying out or looking scaly and dehydrated. 
  • Sunscreen: Top your face with a suitable sunscreen of SPF 30 or above, 20 minutes before heading out. Borrowed from many experts, we can’t emphasize enough on this necessary bit of a barrier. This is your protective shield in your war against the environment.
  • Lip balm: Love your lips with a touch of the lip balm that suits their nourishment needs the best. 

With these simple changes to your routine, you’ll be able to see an immediate change in your face’s healthy appeal and radiance. This will help restore its natural integrity and have you wondering what more you could do to make sure the radiance is a constant for you. Well, the following is what.

PM Face Care Regime

A well-planned and well-executed night care regime will help your face heal as you sleep. A fact known in Ayurveda states that our body heals the best during our sleeping hours, better yet if we sleep through the 11 pm – 6 am zone. Our sleeping hours are also the best time for our skin to heal from any remaining trauma it experiences through the day.

You can help your skin restore its natural health and balance during your sleeping hours as you practice the following routine:

  • Face Wash: Cleanse the day’s grime off your face, and leave it with a subtle hydrated feeling that leaves you feeling fresh.
  • Moisturiser: Follow cleanse with care of a filling moisturiser that gets absorbed deep into your skin to perform its nourishing magic as you sleep.
  • Serum: Lock in the moisture with a hydrating serum that works the best on healing your skin as you sleep. A serum can help reduce hyperpigmentation, reverse signs of ageing and top your skin of the necessary hydration that leaves it feeling drunk on goodness.
  • Lip Balm: Top your lips off with a promise of nourishment that will help you wake up with soft, supple and healed lips.

With these well thought through regimes, you are set to unearth the natural glow and preserve it for a lifetime.

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