Coconut Oil: nature’s go–to solution for the mankind

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This is how coconut oil benefits your hair and skin

Nature’s go-to solution, Coconut Oil is one of the most versatile natural ingredients. Derived from the rock-hard fruit of the tropics, it has graced the human appetite for beauty and health with its many uses. You want to cook a healthy meal, use a good virgin coconut oil. You want to improve the elasticity and integrity of your dry skin, switch to Coconut Oil. You want the benefits of this oil to work through your hair, use it now!

Coconut Oil has been traditionally used as a part of many cultures and indigenous societies. It is celebrated with its multifaceted qualities for the following reasons:

Helps hair growth

It is not news that Coconut Oil is known to moisturise and condition your hair and scalp with each use. With its anti-microbial properties, Coconut Oil prevents routine dandruff build up, thus offering your hair a comfortable scalp to be rooted in. Furthermore, it reduces breakage, prevents protein loss, adds strength, and protects your hair from environmental damage by offering an even and protective coat that keeps the damage at par. Healthy, nourished hair strands and scalp are the healthiest home for a lush hair growth, the kind you’d love to have. 

Interested in growing your hair? Try our Coconut and Aloe Vera Hair Shampoo now. It targets dry and dull hair by improving circulation towards the scalp and providing them the required deep nourishment.

It prevents hair damage

A natural conditioning agent, Coconut Oil has been a part of many cultures as a sure shot solution to hair damage. A study published in PubMed Central and reported by Healthline found that Coconut Oil prevents protein loss incurred before and after a hair wash. As compared to other mineral oils, Coconut Oil not only coats the hair for protection, it gets deeply absorbed in the hair shaft to nourish each hair from within. It works best on chemically treated, bleached, damaged and UV exposed hair to return their natural strength and vitality.

To add nourishment and shine to damaged hair, use our Coconut and Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner. It hydrates your scalp to prevent flakiness, strengthening your hair and improving their shine.

It offers sun protection

Various studies published by PubMed found that Coconut Oil can offer sun protection. With a natural SPF range of 8, this magic oil prevents any sun damage that can make your hair look dull with a lack of strength and vitality.

Moisturises dry skin

Coconut Oil is an effective moisturiser for your skin that will keep it hydrated and nourished. It is known to prevent the embarrassing and distressing conditions like Eczema, associated with an itchy, scaly skin that can cause rashes. Coconut’s healthy hydration and soothing nature can be found in our Anti-Chafing Cream, which keeps out bacteria, prevents skin irritation, soothes dry skin and deeply moisturises, thus healing scars, preventing signs of ageing and establishing your skin’s natural health and integrity.

Prevents acne

Against popular belief, when applied topically on a dry, acne prone skin, Coconut Oil can prevent breakouts. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial nature of Coconut Oil makes it an effective solution against acne. Lauric acid and Capric Acid present in Coconut oil prevent bacterial growth thus avoiding breakouts. It must be noted, though, that coconut oil or any other oil can prove to be unsuitable for oily skin, making it prone to blackheads, etc. So it must be used carefully for those skin types.

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