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Newly Launched Blanc Body Lotion

It is officially peak winter as the temperature is getting colder and the wind stronger.

Cloudy skies are back, and your skin’s dryness too.

During this time of the year, the air is drier, and your skin is more likely to become dehydrated, cracked, and itchy.

A hydrating body lotion can help moisturise your skin and improve its appearance.

If you are looking for the perfect body lotion, you’ve come to the right place! We have launched a Blanc Body Lotion that is light, refreshing, hydrating and sure to uplift your mood with its citrusy fragrance. Made with natural ingredients, it is gentle and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Blanc Body Lotion

Blanc Body Lotion | Shea Butter & Niacinamide

Give an enriching experience to your skin with our Blanc Body Lotion. Its 24-hour hydration and lasting fragrance uplift you from skin to soul. It’s your skin’s best winter buddy because of rich ingredients like Shea Butter and Colloidal Oatmeal that help keep dryness at bay. Niacinamide locks in moisture, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated. The benefits do not stop at this; it also has Glutathione that evens skin tone and adds a brightening touch. Lastly, the divine citrusy and musky notes linger on you, adding a charismatic charm to your personality.

Blanc Body Lotion | Shea Butter & Niacinamide
Benefits of Blanc Body Lotion:

Moisturises: Blanc Body Lotion delivers intense moisturisation, leaving your skin soft and supple throughout the day. Shea Butter and Colloidal Oatmeal make it perfect for winter by supplying all the nourishment your skin deserves.

Rejuvenates: The lotion is rich in Niacinamide, a known hydrating ingredient that helps lock in hydration without making your skin feel sticky or greasy. The presence of Glutathione improves your overall complexion, keeping it bright and rejuvenated.

Long-lasting fragrance: The lasting aroma of our Blanc Body Lotion elevates your overall experience with your favourite citrusy and musky notes. Its divine fragrance keeps the mood uplifted and cheerful.

Blanc Body Lotion | Shea Butter & Niacinamide

How to use Blanc Body Lotion:

Step 1- Dispense the lotion in your palm.
Step 2- Apply it evenly throughout your cleansed body.
Step 3- Use daily to achieve desired results.

With this intensely hydrating and long-lasting fragrant experience, you can also get your hands on our premium Eau De Toilette Blanc. Every spritz of this premium fragrance lends you cheerfulness and zestiness.

Eau De Toilette Blanc

Eau De Toilette | Blanc (100 ML)

Exotic, musky and masculine, our Eau De Toilette Blanc is a white oriental fragrance with citrusy and aromatic notes. Blanc fills up your inner nature with intense and sophisticated masculinity. A spritz of this bountiful fragrance is bound to kill all the blues and stresses that a hectic day at the office can give you. Be fresh and energised all day long with EDT Blanc.

How To Use Eau De Toilette Blanc:

Step 1: Spray the perfume directly on pulse points. It includes the area behind your ears
Step 2: Neck region
Step 3: Both wrists

It is vital to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised in the winter to protect it from cold and dry air, and our Blanc Body Lotion is just the perfect product for you.

You can keep smelling good for longer if you spritz our EDT Blanc after moisturisation. Our Blanc Body Lotion, topped with perfume, will keep fetching you compliments for your soft and supple skin and divine fragrance.

So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today.

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