Today, seeing a gentleman with proper etiquettes is a rare sight. There is a difference between a courteous man and a man with etiquette and we should not get confused between them! We are going to tell you about some etiquettes that we don’t see nowadays!

1. Dinner

Let’s start with the family. All of us have that beautiful piece of furniture in our house which is supposed to make us sit together and eat together. We have totally lost this one.

2. Gifts

Asking for gifts was never considered a good thing. You should never ask for a gift. It should be one’s personal choice and generosity.

3. Arriving and leaving

It will be easy to say that the whole world is running out of time. Every other person today is late for something. Leaving the scene at the right time is also etiquette! You should know when to arrive and when to leave.

4. The door

Holding the door for a woman or a girl was and still is etiquette. Nowadays, people hardly care about this one as they will simple bang the door once they are through.

5. Discretion

Not letting the woman walk on the side of the road, talking discreetly, calling out friends on the other side of the road were all etiquette and now, we see people doing the exact opposite.